Amarr BS boost

With the recent changes to battleships cargo space is that not a big boost to amarr battleships, that can fit a cap booster and scroll through most missions. Especially affected is the abaddon with its cap issues but also the armageddon.

not really



I don’t understand this change at all. For one, when I use my Dominix for missions I don’t user cap boosters at all. And when I use the Armageddon or Typhoon for PVP, I usually don’t live long enough to use up all the cap booster charges I carry with me.

What JC said. From a PvE perspective this will have little impact (except you’ll either be able to carry more ammunition or salvage). I don’t know of any serious mission runner who runs with cap charges of any type. I imagine the extra target range will be more beneficial.

cap boosters are standard on a lot of pve ships. Usually better to fit a cap booster than waste a bunch of slots on cap recharge. Many people still fit cap stable setups because they are either lazy or worried about disconnects, or just fit a bunch of shiny mods where they don’t have to worry much about cap. If you have a few deadspace hardeners and a deadspace booster you don’t have to run the tank much and can usually do missions on natural cap regen.

That said I don’t see this patch changing that much. Most ships already have enough cargo space to carry enough boosters for missions. A little extra space will help but probably won’t make or break a ship.

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Dont know about you guys, i tend to remember running out of cap booster charges during pve. Now with the increased cargo bay it should be enough.

never ever used booster in pve. Perma tank on armor is easily archieved, if required, for pulsing natural regen is enough, especially with those AARs we have now.
tl,dr: minor change, not worth talking about.

perna tank is not easily achieved with amarr if you want high damage, but 2 medium boosters, 3 heat sinks and nanobot accelerators in rigs together with nos are cap stable and very high damage dealing

Are you saying that a 1200dps Abaddon with 7 cap boosters is worse now?

The only thing an Armageddon need capacitor for is one armor rep. Mine doesn’t need any cap boosters for the 29 minutes it takes for a level 4 Blockade.

Well you cant have 3 x heat sinks, armor reppers and pulses running at the same time without cap boosters

Yes if you make use of a cap injector it is a small boost to amarr bs but barely noticeable.
I see the thread is going into the ‘cap booster vs cap stable no booster’,both options are acceptable there is no major wrong in any of the 2 approaches.The way I approached fitting pve ships is to have a long capacitor time say 40min or whatever for a marauder like paladin everything going and just pulse the tank when needed.

The only time I ever use cap boosters in PvE is in burner missions or on super rare occasions (for example sleepers) I’ll go with anciliary shield booster. In regular ones never have because I always need the room for ammo and loot. I’m not into multiboxing, botting, etc., more into active actual gameplay, so things such as bringing a dual-box looting / salvaging alt do not interest me. Do it all in one ship, one fit.

This also brings up the fact that often I bring either MTU or Mobile Depot to refit, which consumes additional cargo space, thus not leaving enough for cap boosters. So this is a very welcome change.

There are plenty of players like myself. While we do blitz and whatnot from time to time for ISK, we prefer more plain gameplay as doing nothing but blitzing drives us nuts. To this account cargo space very much comes into play. So this is indeed a nice QOL change.

As for OP, as others have pointed out, the targeting range changes have a lot bigger impact on general gameplay then the cargo changes, as you now can make much more effective sniper or long range style fits and make better / easier use of MJD. if you’re flying Amarr BSes I would consider using anciliary armor reps along with skilling up for nano paste, there are 2 skilsl for it (I forgot their names, not in game at the moment), but they make the armor reps incredibly more effective, but need to be timed better, more tactical.

If you use anciliary reps with these skills + the armor rep implant + rig its freagin awesome, just have to watch that reload time and play accordingly. Double this if you do it in a ship hull that has rep bonusses. I actually used to fly myrmidon and hyperion with this set up. 2 reps, one as cap efficient as possible, small reps, the other was the anciliary, huge reps but require timing. Its a pretty incredible tank.

O and heres another thing, nanopaste takes only a fraction cargo space of cap boosters.

The two skills you are talking about, nanite interfacing and nanite operations boost the repair rate and consumption of nanites when using them to repair modules, they have no effect on an ancillary armor rep.

hmm, i could have sworn they do, but nm, if they’re only used for overheated modules then so be it. still, they’re nice to have and anciliary reps are pretty awesome.

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You know what, I think you are wrong, or perhaps we are both wrong and there is something else entirely at play here. But I think the repair rate skill does also affect the this module.

I logged into the game, brought up a hyperion in the simulator, and fit nothing but a regular T2 large rep + anciliary rep. So check out the pics below, they are pretty telling. 1st you can see the numbers I get of off the T2 rep for comparison vs the anciliary. Anciliary I took shots both of it empty, and then loaded with nanopaste.

Check out the difference in numbers once the nanopaste is loaded, its huge, and I’m pretty sure something is boosting it. On the clone I am on I do not have the armor rep implants and I don’t wanan switch clones at the moment. then just for the kicks I plugged in the armor rep rigs, 2x T2 and 1x T1 (limited by calibration).

Anyways, if its not those skills, then there is something else affecting it. Because I do specifically remember that when I was training them up, I was doing some frig pvp and used that there too. I used these extensively and remember getting better numbers, higher reps as I was training them up back in the day, but unfortunately I do not have any pics or records from that time that I could go and take a look at to make sure.

So check out the pics and the numbers, its pretty startling and I don’t even have them at 5s, they’re 4s, 712hp per cycle on empty with no rigs, up to 2137 per cycle with nanopaste and rigs is a huge jump, then add the rigs in and get 3267 per cycle:


An ancillary armor repper does repair more if you have paste in it, of course. That’s the whole point of this module. But it does not matter what level of nanite skills you have, it will not repair more. Your proof is unfortunately no proof at all if all your screenshots come from the same character with the same skill. You have to try with and without the skills and you will see that there is no difference.

Try it on an alpha with a small ancillary rep and no nanite skills, then with nanite skills after some training. You will see that the rep numbers are exactly the same. Or try it in pyfa by editing your character to have 0 nanite skill.

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The whole point of ancillary reps is they require resources to be more effective than the normal option. And once you are “out” they have a significant penalty and a reload time to be “better” again. The only skills I can really think of that effect how much you can abuse them is the related cycle time skill for armor or shields and thermodynamics on how far you can press overheating. Everything else is a matter of hull bonuses, implants, modules, and rigging.

I wish sniping would become a thing again.

Can’t you already snipe at will in most missions? Or am I missing something…?

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