Amarr BS boost

Beats me, from the moment you reach cruisers and up in size you should have several options for engagement ranges of 70k or more. Granted its far easier to pull off with hybrid rails and missiles, but with T2 ammo beams and projectiles get there too. Most rats have a hard time hitting the broadside of a barn at anything over 60k. With battleships you can regularly plink stuff from 120k pretty easy… the t1 lock range increases from the update means you probably only need a single sebo to pull it off anymore as long as you’ve the right weapons to do it with.

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Yeah, I’m not talking NPC sniping but bad carebears in dullsec.

people use MJD sniping fits all the time

Most ships can run on minimal cap recharge and having a cap booster gives the ability to run the tank hard for a few moments which can be very useful on hard missions, or if you screw up aggro somewhere. I’d rather eat a few cap boosters and stay on field than need to warp out. An alternative that many people chose is to load up on cap mods and over tank everything, sometimes even going with super shiny tank mods. There are reasons for going cap stable, like if you are concerned about disconnecting, or if you have to frequently AFK, but I think most people are better off going cap injected.

marauders are perfect for that style game play imo. Typically have extra cap compared to the t1 BS, and less guns so less cap used there. Plus a ton of cargo space and utility highs to loot and salvage.

I like my fits partially stable for PvE, usually have enough cap for 4-8 minutes depending rest of tank with reps and prop running. Also tend to run prop + MJD on BS fits, even on brawler ones. MJD for cap regen + rep then MWD back in beats the hell out of having to completely warp out then return, often through multiple gates.

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