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I have a fitting that has a small capacitor booster on it. That cap booster can take navy charges from size 25 up to 400. Currently I have a number of 100 sized cap charges but wondered if it were better to use something larger. The cycle time is 12 seconds so I guess it is a case of trying to determine how much cap you will need/will be used in that time.


Its all about cap management.
Smaller cap boosters takes less time to use and gives you greater cap versatility overall and especially against fast neuting enemies. At the same time it requires much more cap micro managing and its easier to ■■■■ up because of the increased level of micro managing. But smaller boosters are great against targets who neuts small amounts and have short cycle times.
Larger cap boosters requires alot less cap micro managing, so you can focus on other stuff, but they are effective against targets who neut large amounts and has long cycle times.
At least thats my experience.

Its basically a matter of preference and how good you are at target/module manament. Its not like one is better then all others, by definition.


i prefer larger ones most of the time, cause i am hopeless and get to like 5% cap before i remember to boost

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Personally, I always use the largest cap boosters that will fit. The only exception to this rule is if the total cap amount of the ship is smaller then the amount of cap you get back from a single cap booster cycle.

Imagine you get neuted out completely and you only have 50s or 100s boosters - you‘ll take multiple cycles to get back up to a decent cap level whereas with 400s or 800s you‘ll be back up much faster.


I usually use the largest possible however on ships like my hype I use 800s as opposed to 3200s so that not only do I reload them faster but if I am getting neuted I can pop one just before I cycle reps and even if I get neuted out my reports will still get that cycle. Just depends on what you are facing I guess.

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I always go with the smallest charge that gives me enough cap to last the sort of fights i plan to engage in. If I’m not sure what that is then i do the smallest that makes it stable.

I really wish 1600s existed so many fits where 800s don’t quite cut it but 3200 are way to much

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