Ancillary Shield Boosters Cap Booster Sizes


All sizes of the ancillary shield boosters restore a set amount of shield no matter what size of cap booster they are loaded with. Therefore you should use the smallest size that will fit. Standard cap booster charges will fit 7, faction will fit 9.

Small Ancillary Shield Booster - CB 25 - 52 hp / 2 seconds
Medium Ancillary Shield Booster - CB 50 - 146 hp / 3 seconds
Large Ancillary Shield Booster - CB 150 - 390 hp / 4 seconds
Extra Large Ancillary Shield Booster - CB 400 - 980 hp / 5 seconds

These hp repair numbers are significantly better for the shield boost bonused ships. (duh)


That has been known since 2013. Did you mean to respond to somebody instead of making a new thread?

I like it, it’s a “good to know” and easy to find if someone is searching/googling for it.

The first google hit gives the same answer, in a forum thread from 2014. This isn’t new info.

True… but check the tone of the message.

It seems like he was telling somebody and maybe pressed posted in the wrong place instead directly responding to a specific person.

OK, this is 2013, my second google hit:

You’re right, this is definietly not a question, and no news either, but at least an interesting feature. OP has to copy that if it’s misleaded, but at least it is not completely wrong in the Newbro section.

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Did it show the sizes? I did this because I didn’t see anyone show the smallest size per booster module size. If it did show the sizes, I guess duckduckgo didn’t know.

Nope. I searched around and didn’t see a list of the sizes. I did see places where someone said, “I didn’t know that.” It’s the kind of thing that some of us will just assume that using the largest is better as in the cap booster modules. Not meant to be a contentious thing. Just info is someone is looking for the size info. Real noobies might not have put the interface puzzle pieces together yet to just test in the ship fitting window.

When googling “ancillary shield booster size” my first hit was this old forum post from 2014 where someone was wondering which size booster to use.

The first answer was "intended. There is no advantage to using a larger size charge."

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