Shield boosters need a boost

I’ve been playing this game since 2008. I don’t remember ever fitting a t2 shield booster, nor do I remember killing something that had a t2 shield booster. Just the other day I considered putting one on a Cyclone, and realized even with the bonus, the DPS it would be mitigating would be pathetic at best.

Does anyone else see this?


On a cyclone you’d probably want dual x-l shield boosters. Since it’s not really feasible to eat up all your cap with t2 boosters, you always go either xl ancil or 1 blingy pith x type xl sb
It’s just like why for lowsec frigs you don’t see t2 reppers, you simply get more burst tank out of an ancil

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That’s what I’m saying… There is always a better option than t2. Especially in pvp.

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What kind of buffs are you thinking about adding to them?

I think they need a big boost in raw rep amount. Countered with neuts, obviously.

Would like to see these forgotten modules released from the pve-only prison.

What kind of percentages do you have in mind?

One point that I’d worry about are with ships like the Breacher, Vagabond, and others that have a +% Shield Booster hull bonus already. On top of that, by just broadly buffing the amount repped, you’d start getting into weird areas where deadpsace Boosters like the really popular Gist X-Types get impacted as well.

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I mean, you see x-large shield boosters on battleships all the time, look at raven fits on zkill and usually they either have a t2 x-large or a pith x-large

edit: people even use them on cyclones

The performance gap between t2 and its rivals is just so huge that nobody in their right mind would ever consider using t2.

I just crunched some numbers. Cyclone with max skills. Unheated X-large ancillary will rep 42% more than a t2 variant. And that is with lower fitting requirements, AND capless. Given the short durations of most pvp fights, Ancillary’s will continue to be the number 1 choice, because you’re most likely not going to run out of boosters.

If you look at most killmails with Ancillary reppers involved, they did NOT run out of boosters or repair paste. Correct me if I’m wrong.

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Also, as a side note the T2 X-Large shield booster II has a 690 base HP boost/cycle
The pith x type xl shield booster has a base of 924 HP/cycle. That’s roughly a 25% improvement for 70x the price, with the pith costing 135m while the t2 costs a little under 2m
The dread guristas shield booster is 630 HP boost/cycle, less than the T2 but with lower fitting restrictions

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I also want to point out the extreme cap fitting requirements that fit warranted. (up above)

Cap is the same across the board, with the exception being ancillary reppers

I think the main problem you’re trying to point out is that ancillary shield boosters are too op, and that’s definitely true. They’re cheap to fit and they have 9 free cycles of rep. I think reducing the power of ancil shield reppers would be a better idea, by reducing the rep amount. Right now, ancil reppers can rep more than the pith x-type.

EVE is one of those games where properly fitted t2 fit ships CAN beat the pimped out Faction/Deadspace fit ships. It takes skill and some luck, but people do it all the time.

In regards to shield boosters, t2 shield boosters are simply (and grossly) outperformed on all levels when fit to a pvp ship, and definitely not an option unless you have abundant fitting space for cap mods (like on a Raven).

I agree with you, it may be that ancil reppers are OP.

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No there’s more thingies to it that revolve also around development oversight.
Right now there’s no extra hp repaired per cycle rigs for shield like with auxiliary nano pumps so only ships with a % shield boost increase favour a shield booster.
Now the frontloaded hp bit say you fit for basic 3 slot tank booster invul injector vs the ehp fit which goes 2x extender invul so say does a medium booster fit to some frigate gain you as much as 2 MSE? It doesn’t
Compare active tanking to buffer you also aren’t survivable for group work so logies rep you on time.There was also this silly bit that you spend more cap per shield point repaired than armor but all the crowd against buffing shield booster say you get the hp at the start of the cycle.
I don’t really see how you can buff small medium and large booster without being forced to up the stats for faction and deadspace in those size categories and in the end make boosters like Pithum a type medium or gist and pith x type large that much stronger than it outshines xl size and you have this big can of worms you just opened and start wondering how much is too much for which type and size so it competes with buffer fit

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The problem is if you make the equal to the next best thing you have done nothing.

Since shield tanking in general is in a good place, there is no need to make them better than the meta, so in the end it is a non change.

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When comparing ASB’s to T2, are you also thinking about how AAR’s outshine T2 reppers?

I mean i don’t see any T2 armour reps on my kills or fits either.

I think it’s a case where ASB’s and AAR’s are just much better suited to pvp.

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Here’s my issue(s) with Shield Boosters.

If you’re flying an Armor boat, you have to bust your ass to fit more than one properly sized Repper. That being; Small for frig, Medium for Cruiser, Large for BS, etc. But then you look at Shield boats. Nobody uses Smalls unless they’re just trying to plug a hole or something. Frigates always use Mediums, Cruisers use Large, BS use XL, etc. And on top of that, they usually have several of them fitted at once without any issues.

Then you get into the Ancillary mods. Armor reppers are hard coded so you can only have one of them. And it burns Paste to give you the extra nudge in HP, while it always burns Cap. But the Shield reppers always give you the extra nudge, and they eat Cap charges before they draw on your own Cap. And their capacity for Cap charges is stupid. Why bother saying “this could use 100s or 3200s”? Of course everyone will use the 100s instead b/c you can fit an assload of them, instead of just 1x 3200 or whatever. If there’s no difference in the reps based on the charges used, who would load bigger charges?

Ever since the beginning, Shields have been the Dev favorite. It’s the only tank that regenerates on its own. So much so, that you can fly a Drake or Gila or something, Neuted into the dirt, and still survive the encounter. But you wave a single Neut in the direction of an Armor ship, and it crumbles. If the fluff text on a Shield Power Relay says “this directs power from the Capacitor directly to the shields” and you get Neuted dry, then they should stop working too.

Maybe someday we’ll see one of the Precursor races with Bioships. And they’ll have natural armor regeneration. Or maybe we’ll at least get a module that passively redirects Cap to armor, the way SPRs do. But I highly doubt it. Shields will always be favorites, always get special exceptions.


Armor is the preferred meta from CCP. Look at all the new armor-repping ships from the abyss. Both T1 and T2 variants in a wide array of ship classes.

Shield is so meh…

Unless you are a miner of course.

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And look at how they nerfed remote repping. If you leave it going on a target for too long, they start getting less and less healing.

Token armor ships don’t impress me, when it’s already a piss poor mechanic.

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Most of the time you can fit an oversized shield booster, very much unlike with armour repairers. If they make them more powerful we will have to lose the ability to fit bigger ones and pretty much the only way to get this done is to massively increase fitting requirements.

Be careful what you wish for.

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