Low-end active reps need some buff

I am a relatively new pilot, 1.5 years in, not including breaks from the game. I play this game for the thrill of solo/small scale PvP, with doing some high-level abyssals to fuel my wallet.

After resistance nerf, I find myself being bored out of this game. I prefer brawling to kiting, because it is much easier to find an acceptable fight for yourself. Or, at least it used to be so.

Battleships became prohibitively expensive, anything smaller requires an implant set or deadspace tank to work, so it is even more expensive in the end.

While I’m very happy that <5 t1 cruiser/BC gang does not have to run on sight of t3c because they can expect to break it’s tank now, t2 armor reps/dual LASB became next to useless. While they were barely working before the nerfes to begin with.

Some rep/resistance bonused hulls can be made to have acceptable tank cheaply, but variety severely lacks there. Rest of the ships with cheap active tank break too fast outside of a 1v1 situation, as they have both EHP and HPS worse than before, while close-range damage was increased.

I belive something needs to be done here. Most likely performance curve of armor reps altered so t2 armor reps are brought up to DB/TS ones while top-tier left as it is.

For shield, situation is complex because it uses mid slots, but it is safe to say that LASB could be simply buffed or LASB plasmids buffed with greatly increased avaliability so the price would drop for them, as the applications of the module are very niche.

Alternatively, all sub-BS t1/faction hulls can get some sort of active tank bonus, capping at 15-20% or so.

So… Why do you want to make battleships even more worthless than they already are?

I am sorry to say that you are wasting your efforts as CCP have decided that there needs to be more destruction in the game because people have built up too much ISK and too many assets, this is why they are taking such drastic action and shaking things up, but it does hurt a lot of players.

I get what you are talking about completely and I see no reason for anyone to give you a snide comment back, however you are in the same boat as anyone else and you will have to adjust your approach and expectations while CCP adjust the game and remove massive distortions they allowed to build up.

The reduction in resistances have had some beneficial affects, it was one of the reasons why PIRAT collapsed, because they started losing more ships as their buffer tank defence was more exposed to people picking off their bling boats, but that does not help you. The only advice I can give you is learn to kite well, I know it is not your style of PvP and neither is it mine, but that is what you should look at if you want to continue to do solo, but small gangs will need to be a specific balanced setup with logi.


So I was not in PIRAT at that time and I can guarantee you that was not it. This serves no relevance in the guys question. At most I lost 10k EHP on one of my Battleships.

As for the OP. As Drac mentioned this is something everybody had to adapt to. If they buff low tier items again higher tier items will also get buffed. I prefer this though… :slight_smile: Ships were already to tanky as it stands.

I saw the post on Reddit by the PIRAT leader and he specifically mentioned the resistance nerf on the back of lessor PIRAT players doing stupid things. But as you were in PIRAT and were close to him you obviously know more about it than me. It just seemed like that was part of his decision.

What happened is that certain groups were using Tornado’s to alpha through the buffer, PIRAT lost a couple of fights after the nerf when the reduced buffer impacted their ability to react with the need to multi-box. Anyway, it is an opinion on one of the factors based on his post.

Resistances are part of the game balance and is totally relevant, it did not just affect self reps but impacted PVE fits and so on, for example I had to give up on doing FOB’s with two characters because of it.

Bling fitted monsters were too tanky to be blunt, the rest were not in my opinion. (I added buffer to this as I was thinking about the PIRAT part of the reply, but removed it because this does apply to active reps and buffer equally and you replied to the one without the buffer so did not make sense.)

That is also true. The pauper players lost more in the nerfs compared to people that can afford to fit more expensive modules. But that has always been the case? Even before the nerfs a officer/A type fitted ship still broke apart a 10 man gang without to much sweat. Is it a risk to fly a 2bill Legion vs a maybe 50-100mil fitted legion(correct me if I am wrong I dont know the costs of a t2 fitted one). Ofcoure is it, and I really don’t care. I always lolled when i passed through low in my 100mn Legion and watch the people on gates scatter.

I risks the isk vs gankers or being one shotted by a fleet of war target Nados. That is ok. I don’t agree with the adage that cheap modules should be buffed because better ones are too expensive. Which is the crux of the OP’s post.

I know with the normal posters in this forum this thread will no doubt go places. :slight_smile: I also understand the OP plight because the last time i fitted a T2 version of my ships I just felt sad. It was horrible.

I also need to point out. Never underestimate a T2 fitted ship piloted really well by a player, at the end of the day, what really really matter is your ability to use the ship you were given.

I agree, but you are pretty scary though. As for the lessor mercs I think people are more nervous of the back up and RR they had and of course lowsec there is always the buffer fit T3C hot drop fear. Still the ability to overpower their tank now has made it harder for lessor mercs.

I think that the spread was perhaps a little bit too wide, but what is certain is that the ability to overpower makes things a bit more interesting.

What I was trying to do with my reply was that he is not the only one to lose out on his gameplay, I expect them to go a bit intense (over the top) too, we already had one barbed dig.

I often fit T2 for specific ships and they can work, the Hyperion is one that can be rather amusing.

I know that get over it and adapt is a relevant answer to my plight, whether I agree with it or not.
Adapt how though? Grow literal krab pincers instead of hands? Sell my kidney and buy plex? Straight up third-party RMT for temporary alts?

Along with resist nerfes ISK sinks were expanded. Mining was rebalanced. 2 hours of abyss crabbing were netting me 3 battleships or 4-6 navy/pirate cruisers to feed with. Now it barely nets me a couple of no less barely functioning cruisers/BCs or a single t1 battleship which I will most likely lose to some 1337 carrier pvpers on the next gate after needlejacking.

And the saddest part, IMO abysses are the still top 3 income source if you take nonexistant logistics and product liquidation into account. Right before super ratting and wormole dread. Which are way off my skills, and most importantly, game experience.

My favourite ships were dual abyssal LASB Phantasms and ham ONI’s, which had around 700 tank on full heat. Also loved dual XLASB torpedo Raven which now tanks like 850. My venerable RHML Rokh was even added to our doctrine due to sheer amount of fights I created by baiting on with it. Feroxes, Gilas, Hurricanes…

Now my ship pool consits of triple repped VNI and triple repped t2 Drekavac. And triple repped Bhaalgorn which I can afford undocking on special occasions…
On the top of my skill queue is Gal BC 5 so I expand my ship pool by whooping 30% with a dualrep Brutix which does not look appealing at all now unless perfected.
Next is Gal BS 5, so I can add Mega and Hyper to the mix, but firstly I need even more SP to get into L6 abysses or I would not have stamina to crab for those while staying on L5s

Actually I dropped the game right after resist nerfes were announced, got back recently cause I was missing EVE. Alot of the bunch which I was playing with aren’t in the game, only those who liked kiting stayed.

Life of a pesant like me became like WH 40k grim. Is that the intent of current game development direction?

I do not like kiting at all by the way because the range of the fights you can get into is narrower. And you can’t win fights you don’t get into. Not a fan of buying 30 needlejacks and running through all of them before docking back. By the way, kiting ship worth a damn isn’t cheap either. It’s just that you can just leave as soon as some ship which treatens to raise your commitement level from zero appears on grid, as most of the true kiteboys do.

Arenas are good breathers, I netted 20-10-6 in a couple of days and became top 1 Moa player on ZKill at the moment I’m writing this. But arenas will become old quicker than Hypernet, I’m certain of this. They won’t ever give the level of satisfaction as the solo fight you won in open does.

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triple spec XLSB flux RHML Praxis for the win. 900dps out and 1200dps tank. T2.

Pith X-Type XLSB and Gist C-type multispec hardeners bump that tank to stratospheric levels - last I checked, over 1800dps.

Have you looked at a hull tanked Domi Navy Issue since the patch. Its sickening

i will not opine in this topic
i think i don’t have a good grasp of the subject
but nice to see people talking about pvp
so rare … keep the good work guys

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