Blanket Tier 1 Battleship buff: Overheat damage and heat buildup

-50% heat generation

-50% heat damage.

-33% nanite repair time.

-33% nanite need

All tier 1 battleship hulls.

Also let them set micro jump range from 25km to 100km.

Takes long enough to get these into a system and onto the damn grid, give them some staying power once they’re there.

Flame me.

Not a flame, but CCP wants MORE ships to blow up, not fewer.

Mm I think those numbers are a bit large.

Why would T1 get so buffed?

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as someone who flies T1 Battleships…


HAC fleets vs BS fleets.

Which do you see more often and why?

When you answer the above question, you will have justified the OP.

And uh you don’t think those buffs are a bit excessive on T1 ships?

You realize why we got tiers right?

Why are HAC fleets used instead of BS fleets. Please answer the question.

LOL I know why bruv. It still doesn’t mean we should OP T1 BSs.

Also doesn’t the MJD already make it go 100km? Why should a tier 1 ship be able to change the range on a set module?

Bear in mind, I love T1 battleships :smiley:

Doesn’t mean your changes are good ones bro.

If you can’t handle criticism, don’t post it on the forums LOL. No need to get so salty.

Just answer the question, in writing.

ROFL. You realize there are more than one reason to use a HAC vs a BS right?

Proper tool for the right situation.

It isn’t my fault you can’t see the flaw in your suggestion.

We live in a meta where range, mobility, and volley dictates fleet fights. Because of balance:tm: HACs can apply as far as if not farther than battleships, and their unique ability to use ADC gives them as much if not more tank than battleships when activated and getting shot by the enemy fleet. Furthermore, HACs are much faster, more agile, and also cheaper rn, than battleships.

To fix HAC vs Battleship balance you need to either improve battleship range and speed/agility, or reduce HAC range and speed/agility. I think HACs having the range they do is the biggest problem of these. Why should a T2 cruiser apply its damage farther and better (medium gun tracking is almost an order of magnitude better than large gun tracking) than a T1 battleship? Bigger is not always better but shouldn’t it stand to reason a battleship should apply its damage farther to begin with?

HACs can apply to very far with very few sacrifices, leaving battleships with no advantage while also being far slower and more vulnerable, and pricier. THAT is what needs to change. Giving battleships a lot of heat buffs wont fix them

There are 12 reasons I can name off the top of my head.

Why are you so afraid to answer the question?

You forgot about Battleship vulnerability to carriers and dreads. And many other reasons.

Thus, why would overheat bonus for battleships not be in order?

I think a heat buff would help them run armor/shield hardeners longer against carriers, and allow them to heat more liberally against bomber runs as well, while also being able to apply a lot of hurt on carriers/dreads/faxes with overheated guns.

Do you know how many battleships it takes to kill a FAX atm? Use Machs as the baseline reference.

your points might be valid…

But i see you are using a “Null sec only” point of view…

You need to think of all Sector types… I agree with those opposing you based on this perspective, those numbers are too large…considering Highsec and Losec.

I did mention HACs are far more fast and agile, but yes that is also a factor. HACs are largely immune to carriers, although good HAW dreads will still screw them up assuming inadequate logi. Battleships will eat crap to carriers and get shredded by dreads.

However, I feel that range is the bigger issue, because if HAC range was more balanced battleships would at least have a platform as snipers. However, the role of snipey fleet ships is currently occupied primarily by the Muninn, Cerberus, Eagle, etc, all HACs. Tempests exist but I don’t see them as often.

It doesn’t address any of these problems very well. Overheating is nice but still no silver bullet.

A bomb flies for 12 seconds, that’s not enough time to get everyone heating their hardeners, especially on non-shield hardeners which can have cycle times of 20 seconds or even longer. Torpedoes also hit similarly fast. This still doesn’t address the issue of fleet VS fleet volleys. ADC is instant, heat is not.

No, and why is it relevant?

Well then, you shouldn’t be opposed to overheat bonus, because apparently that’s not even enough according to you.


For the record, it takes roughly 8x as much ISK in t2 fit short range battleships than it does to kill a fax, all of which are guaranteed to die to whatever the FAX was repping.

Here’s the thing, while it’s not helpful for fleets it’s really OP for solo VS gang situations, which is where battleships are in an ok-ish spot imo. You’re trying to use a spoon to hammer a nail. Basically you don’t fix the problem you hope to and instead add a new problem in a different part of the meta

ROFL I’m not afraid. I don’t get why you’re so hostile bro.

If you didn’t want criticism, you shouldn’t have posted a public forum LOL.

He doesn’t understand that :smiley:

Solo vs gang = death every time, no matter what you’re in. Solo Battleships die to two AB fit+nos assault frigs, which is fine imo.

Also there is no escaping enemy territory in a solo bs once you’re engaged. A heat buff might make them more popular sight.

Demonstrably false, particularly in marauders. It’s very easy to find examples of 1vGroup going well, it just needs good circumstances