Blanket Tier 1 Battleship buff: Overheat damage and heat buildup

Is a marauder a t1 battleship?

Bro, just face it. You tried, you tripped and we all hit the skip.

Go back to the drawing board and do better.

No one said why it would be OP.

“Cuz da meta!”

lol what META Marauders aren’t t1 battleships like you all apparently think.

I get you’re getting posters confused :smiley:

I don’t think marauders are T1 BS’s, scroll up and re-read kthx.

Look bruv, I like T1 battleships too. Balance is a tricky thing tho. I do believe there are times to use them. But also you gotta have a defense fleet for them.

The biggest problem is how hard they get rekt by fighters.

Perhaps a bonus to overheating active shield and armor hardeners, or perhaps even let them fit a scriptable armor/shield hardener.

Again, you got the null lens on. Balance is tricky because of the different sectors of space and playstyle.

Why shouldn’t BS get wrecked by fighters? That’s why you need a defense fleet no?

The signature reduction module is good vs fighters, but the duration is quite low, also doesn’t go well with shield battleships since it uses a mid slot (which already have a larger sig by fitting extenders). It’s pretty much an ADCU vs fighters.

This is a step in the right direction, but being able to overheat hardeners before and after the sig reducer would help them more in null.

As for lowsec, it’s dominated by brutix + exqueror gate gamps, that’s the low sec meta.

BS’s are also quite rare in wormholes besides the Bhaalgorn since wh’s are centered on cap warfare.

Highsec? Anything goes in high sec.

So yes, I’m looking through the null lens, because that’s the only place I ever see them used at all.

Uh I’ve barely seen that and I live mostly in low ROFL. I seent a lot of gnosis mostly.

You tend to talk in absolutes, you gotta fix that LOL.

Its also cause peeps don’t like to actually be tactical.

No, it is by definition T2

I’m just showing you that Solo vs Gang is not the completely unavoidable loss no matter what that you said it was. Not talking about applying buffs to them

If Battleships had the proposed overheat bonus since the start of EvE, would any one right now be asking for it to be removed?

That’s impossible to say as it could have been removed later due to balance issues LOL.

There are way too many variables to say.

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