Vargur Shield Booster?

I am coming back after a long time away and just messing around in combat anoms and L4 missions. I have been running them prior and started back in T3’s, Ishtar, Eos, TNI and Mach. I never tried Mauraders so I skilled in and picked up a Vargur. Wow, talk about ripping through L4’s!!

Anyhow, a question on shield booster size for this. Just running a Multispec and booster, running a dead space large seems like mass overkill. Never seeing shields drop much at all. Went to a medium and it too seems to keep up in or out of Bastion.

Aside from cap, any real pro’s or con’s for Large vs Medium with the Vargur? The only real pro I can see is if a group is trying to gank it. I have not run across a mission that the medium does not keep up in bastion mode.

Welcome your input.

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If you want to blitz damsel I think you should use a XLSB.
But if you go long-range slow method yes it may not be needed.

Also it won’t help against gank, because they will melt your tank in a few seconds so the reppers are mostly ignored.

LOL, almost lost in Gurista Extravaganza with the medium. Going back to the large.

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Listen to the man. I use an Enduring XLSB for 335k ISK. More than enough for any L4 Mission. If things get too hot (which literally doesn’t happen if you know the missions and know what to shoot), just MJD away and lower incoming DPS with Barrage.

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just use a meta extra large, do the enduring one whatever it is called

When I did missions in my golem a large shield booster tanked just fine.

The reason mainly to undersize boosters is to have more room for fitting other stuff. In my case by downgrading to a large booster I can fit salvagers on my golem.

If you want XLSB and don’t care about fitting. Use XLSB. If you want extra CPU/PG downgrade to large to make the fit work. Nothing is really wrong with XLSB or Large.

Also, unless your running missions in some highly trafficked area like SOE your chances of being hunted down/probed are next to none. (In my time doing missions.)

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Thanks for the input. I am playing around with large, XL and Xl to see what I like the best. I always try to keep cap stable, but that seems to be pretty difficult on this and maybe not necessary. It has been a while since I have done this, so relearning some things. I got so used to running them in an Ishtar or T3 that were slower to clear but rarely had any tanking issues. The funny thing is that the Typhoon Navy Issue I had in the hanger still does fine with a single rapper and adaptive hardener.

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