Buffer Vargur/Golem for L4's

[Vargur, Buffy the L4 Slayer]
Shield Power Relay II
Shield Power Relay II
Republic Fleet Gyrostabilizer
Republic Fleet Gyrostabilizer
Damage Control II

Thukker Large Shield Extender
Large Micro Jump Drive
Tracking Computer II
Tracking Computer II
Dread Guristas Multispectrum Shield Hardener
Domination 500MN Microwarpdrive

800mm Repeating Cannon II
800mm Repeating Cannon II
800mm Repeating Cannon II
800mm Repeating Cannon II
Small Tractor Beam II
Small Tractor Beam II
Salvager I
Bastion Module I

Large Core Defense Field Purger II
Large Core Defense Field Purger II

Warrior II x10
Hobgoblin II x4
Hobgoblin I x1

Republic Fleet EMP L x3624
Barrage L x5000
Hail L x4644
Republic Fleet Phased Plasma L x5000

Scripts as needed.

Previously had Gist b XL active tank with one republic fleet gyro and one reggie miller (standard issue). So if I decide to go with this the fit is 600M cheaper.

Testing it on Singularity today. Obviously slaughters Angels with zero issues. it might be a tight squeeze for AE room 6. I also like to run “Angel red light district” escalations and that might be tight.

One of the main benefits of flying marauders since the first update to them is being able to fit for every single l4 with one fit. I don’t think this can pull it off, Sanshas and BR’s will crack it. I do think it will ace any mission in Minamatar space, but I feel like I should change the tank for each different enemy.

I ran the Mordus headhunters as is, I forgot to load my scripts and I still completed the mission without warping off, but had to Jump Drive twice instead of once. It was a quicker completion time than pre buff but slightly lower than full out DPS. I want to try the other high DPS rooms such as “The Assault” full agro, and Dread Pirate Scarlet room 4. I usually used to rush that one but its sooooo quick now.

The other problem is salvage. I was just doing full clears before 19.1, but now I’m splitting with a noctis and rushing. I was going to try to find other uses for the extra 2 high slots, but this looks more like a full clear build, as It will need recharged between rooms sometimes.

I’d like to do the same type of thing for my Golem, I’ll probably start testing that out after I run some high DPS missions in the Vargur and come up with a final decision.

If you are using a buffer fit you should just not be using them.


Yes, because going from 2k dps to 1750 negatively effects mission completion time. Dont trip over your e-peen on the way out.

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Might I suggest switching out the Thukker shield extender for a Republic Fleet. The Republic Fleet fits fine and it’s much cheaper than the Thukker.

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no, because pyfa says it’s 230 EHP/s (peak) and 104k ehp while if you replace the LSE by a PAT LSB and the purgers by CCC you reach 376 EHP/s stable (over 400 peak). With two more low slots. sure you lose 40% of its EHP but who cares ?
with a PCT XLSB you have 318 stable, with 2 power diags it’s 425 EHP/s stable + 51 peak => double the stable peak rep power.

THAT is why using a buffer is a bad idea.


To add to what Anderson said. If you are going pure buffer why not put on Core Defense Field Extenders instead of the Purgers? Seems like you’re actually kind of somewhere between a buffer fit and a passive fit.

Yeah, the point is to take the bling OFF, but I have a bunch of Thukkers, so I used that.
AE bonus room cracked the tank, every other standard mission was fine. I cracked every trigger in Gone Berserk and tanked every BS in the Assault.

Not to throw shade but do you run missions without overheating? DK what the numbers look like in PYFA but IMHO only scrubs don’t overheat, and that makes a significant difference in the missions. Epeen is Epeen man. I love PYFA but it doesn’t calculate mission completion times. If nothings cracking the tank and the completion times are on point (they are) its not nearly a bad idea, its simply not min/maxed metagaming. If that’s not your playstyle so be it but I reserve the right to be as “casual” as I want.

Also, just want to point out “pro” mission runners will laugh at you when you bring “cap stable” into the convo. Saying this build sucks but telling me a cap stable build is better is funny AF. I’m not going to run someone else’s sub optimized build to see if its better than my intentionally sub optimized build. Keep in mind that when you run missions, you have to save enough time to run an entire mission in your current gaming session or it wont increase your ISK a single bit. If you have 8 hours to play in one sitting its likely you’ll be able squeeze an extra mission in there. If you have 2 hours to play its not very feasible.

Theorycraft is great and experience is great. I use both.

You are soo off the topic you should meet curiosity soon.

You completely missed the point. Nobody is saying you must be capstable. All we are saying is, for LESS modules, you have MORE constant, stable rep. So it’s just plainly better to go with an active fit rather than a buffer fit.
Whatever your metric for “good fit” is, active tank is better besides raw EHPs which we don’t care about.

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A lot of people will find a buffer tank setup unorthodox, but if it works it works. Over the years I’ve pulled more and more tank off my Machariel, my Rattlesnakes, my carriers, always in favor of DPS. DPS is always the primary concern in missioning and tank need only meet the bare minimum. However, this is only the case if you know what you’re doing and you’re sufficiently hidden from gankers.

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except his fits has LESS tank for MORE modules so LESS DPS and projection than an active fit.

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TLDR; your theorycraft is trash. Ill race your build any day of the week.

But he said right at the beginning that the objective was to do it cheaper. Granted, if you have the money for a Marauder you typically have enough for an active tank.

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Yes. It does. This does not effect mission completion times in any meaningful way.

Well yes, having more free modules does allow you to reduce your completion time.
For example you can remove a CCC to put a hyperspatial.
If that does not, I don’t get what does.

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Right. Now understand that if I save 20 seconds in one mission it means nothing. I have X hours to play Eve and that’s it. Within X hours of playtime if I cannot fit one or more additional missions in there I not receive any additional ISK. Simple math that all pro runners understand. You can do the math all you want, I tried it and ran it. It was slightly slower than a 2 slot tank, but not sow enough to cost me ISK.

What missions are you running and how long are they taking?

I understand that you are saying BS.
one hyper removes 20% of your warp time. reducing by 20s means you had a total warp time of 100s.

LOl. Get your thermodynamics up kid. I’ll PM you some good mission running links in game on my main. Thanks for showing up.

as I wrote

I asked politely for you to illustrate your amazing build in action . We already saw your PYFA numbers. The topic is Buffer Vargur/Golem. I’m running them you’re not. But you don’t have any info to refute. Get wrecked.

No you didn’t lol.

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