This Restriction Should Apply Only To Industrials


It is pretty annoying, we have lots of new features so that we can one-click to get our dedicated ships but when you need move them with refits, you must mess them up.

Maybe Anti-scan Orca moving blueprints is not good.
But at least let combat ships take their refits(ship equipment).

What’s wrong with putting the Refits in the Corporate Hanger or Cargohold of the Orca/capital ship?

A capital ship usually carries 2~10 ships which may contains maybe 40 or more refits.

Now you need take them all to Corporate Hangar or Cargohold, and do not forget where they are from when you are in the destination.

My workaround is using Medium Standard Container, but it is still annoying.

Let me ask you this then, if the restriction is removed, how would you “prevent” someone from fitting an inty with all cargo expanders and filling it with whatever cargo and then slap as many that can fit into the Ship Maintenance Bay; effectively doubling or tripling the cargo capacity of the Orca…

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~22 frigates each 500m^3, I do not think this is much effective, but like Industrials, ships with cargo expanders could also apply this restriction.

It is good to prevent exploiting this to transport, but this restriction was made years ago and never changed, now T3c has subsytem bay but all other refits are still restricted by this.

It worked just fine the way it is you just have to move your stuff from your cargo bay into the ships Fleet Hangar Bay it doesn’t really take that long unless you’re need a battle and in that case you really shouldn’t be using an orca you should probably be using either a porpoise a cheaper ship together or you should be using a rorqual

I have no problem removing everything that’s not ammunition for the chips or scanner probes in this case of the scanning ships if it’s not ammunition or the ship module charges you shouldn’t leave it in the ship anyways you want to put that somewhere that has a little more tank just my two cents it doesn’t take that long to do

I would love to see the ability to have hangers or subdivided bulkheads to where I can have laser scrap from the Salvage laser in one area and the rest of the cargo junk that you get off the rats in another etc

I’d also suggest disallowing a ship to be moved with an overloaded cargo bay, and all modules of an unpiloted ships be offline.

Thus you can pack an expanded ship full, but once you leave it you cannot move it.

This isn’t an issue and the system should finally be changed to allow anything to be in a ship’s cargo bay when it’s put into a ship maintenance bay. An unpackaged Iteron V is 275,000m3 in volume and it can only be pushed to carry a bit more than 42,000m3 of cargo. The only concern I can see here is that you’re arguing how a ship shouldn’t be used as a kind of cargo container for general cargo while being inside the ship maintenance bay … but the restriction on what to put in the Iteron is completely arbitrary. Clearly, the Iteron would fit in the maintenance bay no matter what’s inside of it.

Being worried about using this as some kind of exploit is an overreaction. The game doesn’t allow accessing cargo bays of ships stored in a ship maintenance bay so you can’t use the “bonus cargo bays” unless you unload those industrials and fill them while they’re outside of the ship maintenance bay first. It’s too much of a process to be useful compared to just having a freighter. Granted, there would be a few edge cases where people use this as a creative solution under particular circumstances to move a little more cargo than usual, but that’s fine because they’re spending a bunch of extra steps manually loading everything for only a moderate gain in how much stuff they can move when they don’t have the proper ship to do what they want in the first place.

Even a Bowhead would only get you an extra ~305,000m3 in cargo if you cram it full of Iteron V’s. There’s no point in doing it that way, and people should be allowed to be creative with weird situational needs in exchange for not being a huge hassle to those of us who use use ship maintenance bays legitimately when we don’t want to have to shift things we carry for normal use in our everyday ships.

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Just remove the restriction, makes no logical sense. If needed account for the potential increased cargo through ships and reduce the Orca/Bowhead cargo some.

I think a better example is provided by Magnates.

A cargo expanded and rigged Magnate sports a whopping 1600mÂł, which can be further expanded an additional few hundred mÂł by using containers.

yet that’s the exact reason this restriction was placed on SMB’s .

not worry , but observation by ccp , and a decision that the mechanic was being abused , and they nerfed it … sorry you don’t like it , but the reasons it was done are still valid …

-1 opens the door to exploits and is basically nothing more than laziness.

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