Orca Ship Maintenance Bay?

Ok. I just found out that i can put modules into a ship cargo hold and put that ship into orca ship maintenance bay.
Not sure when this is allowed… but previously we can only put ammo in the cargo hold of ship put into ship maintenance bay.
Does this mean we can hide bling module now like this or cargo scanner can scan it down?

Cargo scanners can still see anything in your ship’s holds

Only Blockade Runners (Tech 2 Transport ships) are immune to Cargo Scanners, such as the Prowler, Prorator, Viator etc.

So if you really need to move your Bling around the above mentioned ships are among the best for the job, or use a very fast nimble ship. No guaranties that you will not be caught.

Does this means cargo scanner can scan down the cargo of ships in orca ship maintenance bay?

You are limited by the types of cagro that can be in a ships hold be fore you can carry it in the bay

For example, you have to empty a barges ore hold before you can store a barge in the Orcas maintenance Bay

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Not sure. I have never used a Cargo Scanner on another player before.

One of the daily tasks should offer such activity instead of scanning down 5 relic sites.

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