Blueprint Libraries

(Rainus Max) #1

Probably been suggested before.

Basically create a separate corp hanger / plex vault like environment specifically for blueprints with multiple folders/tabs for the different types of bps (ships, ammo modules etc - prefer customizable tabs). BPs within the “vault” can be used by any facility within, say, the constellation (or whatever)

Access to use the BPs within the vault could be given via simple roles, ideally for each tab, through the citadel access control lists:

  • View - allows users to see into the vault/tab and use BPs in jobs
  • Edit - allows users to remove BPs
  • Admin - modify tabs etc 

Removes the need for BPs to clog up corp hangers whilst giving people the freedom to use them without someone having to make massive piles of BPCs.

(Cade Windstalker) #2

That you have to move BPs around and make copies is intentional gameplay and doesn’t need to be removed.

The whole “Blueprints are hard to organize” thing has been done to death on the old forums. The problem in a nutshell is item IDs and Legacy Code. Until one of those changes your BPs are going to remain a pain to keep sorted and require tons of containers.

(Valdr Auduin) #3

Might I suggest a new storage container?

Call it a “File Folder”, has an external and internal volume of 0.1m3 and can be stored in other cargo containers.

There’s your indexing system.

(Cade Windstalker) #4

Aaaaand the item management code will take one look at Container in Container and excrete masonry everywhere…

(Valdr Auduin) #5

Then a 0m3 container that gives you indexing options? The industrial tab is capable of sorting BP types, why not a sub-space box?

(Cade Windstalker) #6

Because the item management code extreeting bricks everywhere has nothing to do with container volume and everything to do with how the system deals with the concept of a container in code.

What you basically want it some kind of usage of or expansion on the filters system, probably.

(Valdr Auduin) #7

Dunno, I do just fine stuffing my BPs into a basic container and hauling it in the fastest thing that will hold it. It would be nice if we could get a filling cabinet or something that’d fit in a shuttle.