Improvements to Blueprint Management/Handling

Suggestions to the blueprint mechanics:

  • In hangar or container windows, add columns for ME and TE ratings to allow sorting of blueprints by levels of research;
  • Allow stacking of identical blueprint copies (BPCs) the same way that identical (unused) mining crystals can stack;
  • Increase the visual contrast between blue BPOs and (only slightly lighter) Blue BPCs;
  • Add a skill to allow remote use of a blueprint in manufacturing (can be limited to one jump per skill level, instead of five) for those systems where the blueprint library isn’t in the same structure as industry service;
  • In blueprints where materials are single item (Raitarus), convert otherwise (nearly) useless ME research value to time improvement or other benefit;
  • Allow designation of blueprint libraries as accessible to Alliance or Standing as well (like the Fleet mechanic);

On behalf of industrialists - thanks!

Ya’rr supposed to be going there. When the blueprint ain’t at the facility, obviously it can’t be used to work with. It’s a physical thing. Bein’ able to do it remotely makes ya too safe and too lazy.

Only the first two appear to be of value, the rest more or less either scream that ya’rr lazy or that ya want more out of it and deliberate design choices are unknown to ya.

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