Industry UI Features: Additional BPO/Material Input Options

A couple QoL features I’d find helpful…

  1. Industry Tab > Blueprints > Far Left Dropdown - Where it has options such as “owned by me”, add an option to only show blueprints you have the required materials for, ideally in the same station as the blueprint.
    Additionally, there might be another option that will show if you have the materials needed to use a specific blueprint anywhere in your personal assets.
  2. Add an “input” option in the upper left dropdown that lets you draw materials from any container in the station (a similar option would be helpful in the “multifit ship” menu).

I’m sure this last one has been requested before, but…

  1. Make it so you can add all the skills in a skill plan to the front of your queue, in order, automatically, instead of having to click and drag them from the end of the list.

Thank you

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