Blueprint Library and Access to it (CCPlease)

Hello there,

I recently came across a problem and allthough it has probably been asked before I couldnt find an solution.
Anyways, first the problem I ran into:

A Member of our Corp wanted to make his Blueprints available to the Corp via the BPL we have. However, he wants to have access to his BP’s, because … well, they are his (duh). Understandable, so we sat down and looked for a way to realise that. First thing we tried was to use Station Containers or Station Warehouse Containers because you can put passwords on them. Turns out that you cannot use BP’s that are in a container with a password. It will tell you ‘Can not use the blueprint in its current form’. For that it does not matter if the item is locked or not, you just cannot use it.
Also everybody with the roles to access the BPL could just take the box out of the BPL or rightclick the box and choose ‘retrieve Password’ which results in a mail sent to you with the password in it.

So whats the ‘solution’?

If I may make a suggestion:

Well, I / we would like to have a way to have their own blueprints available for all without granting others with the same role access to the container and their contents. Also it should not be possible for anybody to retrieve the password without either being the person creating the Container / Password, or being the CEO, because there will be trolls to place a couple hundred boxes with ridiculus passwords in the BPL and thats not the point of the exercise.

Secondly, you should have the option to allow BP’s to be used even when there is a PW on the box, via the configure container option maybe.

Third and last point, which is more a request because it would make things way easier… If you have a BP in the Corp BPL, please let us select the material input from our own hanger without having to move it to the Corp hangar first, because that litterally makes no sense. #CCPlease

Please tell me what you guys think about that and/or if there is already a way to do said things (I did not find any after looking through quite a lot of posts).

Thank you.

PS: Please no ‘A Corp is build on trust’- comments, I know that. Thanks :slight_smile:


“A Corp’s destruction is built on Trust.”

Better? A bit more EvE-y? :wink:

–Precise-ish Gadget