Must ships be wrapped to go in cargo?

I wonder if there’s something I’m missing.

I cannot put an assembled ship in my cargohold. The error is “Assembled ships don’t fit in cargo. Try repackaging them first”. Space is not the issue.

I can contract it to a friend, have that friend write me a courier contract to move from A to B, then complete the contract at the destination and have the friend contract it back to me.

There must be a better way?


You have to either:

  • Repackage a ship to move it
  • Contract it so it is wraped
  • Use a Bowhead
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Assembled ships can only be transported in something large with a ship maintenance bay. A Carrier or an Orca for example. You can repackage them and put them into a cargohold, but you’ll lose all rigs. If it’s a T3 Cruiser, wait a couple of days, you’ll be able to unfit rigs after the changes on Jul 10th, if I recall correctly.

That’s it, when you mentioned ship maintenance bay… makes sense!

Yeah that T3 unrigging thing will be (should be) cool :slight_smile:

The fleet hangar of a Deep Space Transport will take an assembled frigate I think, but that’s the only case of a ship fitting inside something that’s not a wrap or a ship maintenance bay that I’m aware of.

Nope, a fleet hangar is not a ship maintenance bay.
Only the ship maintenance bay can hold assembled ships.

Have you actually tried it, or are you saying that it won’t work based on an assumption? :smile:

The DST’s Fleet Hanger accommodates assembled ships without difficulty, confirmed.

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I remember trying this and it didn’t work, but I’ll gladly test that again later today and will update here.

Well, I stand corrected.
You can actually put assembled ships into fleet hangars.
Since I was wrong, here are some :cookie::cookie::cookie::cookie::cookie::cookie::cookie::cookie::cookie:.

Size does make it rather impractical for most ships though :slight_smile:

Thing to remember with ships and moving them - generally speaking only repackaged ships can go into a cargo bay or fleet hanger.

  • assembled ships can only fit in a Ship Maintenance Bay (where they can also be launched into space). There are a few exceptions to this - fleet hangers allow assembled ships but you are limited on size, and can’t be launched into space. Courier Contracts plastic wrap you ship and it can be transported via standard cargo bay.