How to move Fitted ships in Contracts

So i have a bowhead and a friend needed their ship moved since it’s fitted. I planed to move it with the bowhead he contracted it to me as courier contract but cant fit it in the bowhead that type of package any way around this so i can move it?

The Bowhead only accepts assembled ships, this means that they cannot be wrapping in a courier package (the plastic wrap item). Your friend will have to give you the actual ship itself via a trade or item exchange contract. Then you’ll be able to put the ship in the Bowhead.

The only question is: how much does your friend trust you?


You can’t move fitted ships as Courier contracts in the Bowhead, as Scoots explained. Your friend would have to Contract the ship itself to you and then you can move it in your Bowhead. Or if he has the skills to fly Bowhead, and you trust him enough to lend it to him, he could fly it there himself… or you could just ask him why he does not just fly it there?

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New player with a Bowhead, eh?



We’ve all been there. I remember the first time I earned enough ISK to purchase a Jump Freighter and had zero clue on how to pilot it safely, how to set up Station Cynos correctly, etc. Had to ask my alliance mates to figure out all the ins and outs of that. And that was almost 4 years into my EVE Online career. The game is huge and complex, so we’re all “New Citizens” to various aspects of the game at one point.


thank you for the help just broke contract and moved it

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