Advice needed

Hi all,

I just need a little advice please.

I have about 30 ships in 2 different locations, ranging from retrievers to battleships and everything in-between.
One of the locations is about 49 jumps from my new corp home, and the other about 38 jumps.
Along with the ships are about 78,000m3 items.
All in all the ships contain about 200 million isk worth of rigs.

Ideally I’d have all these down at my new corp home.

It’s been suggested that I sell them all and buy new at my new location. But the market isn’t strong where they are and I don’t think they’d sell.

Do I lose the rigs and package them up and employ a freight company to move them all for me?

What would you do?

Thanks in advance

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if it’s in HS you can make public hauling contracts to haul those outside.

In my case I just let them where they are later if I need them I have them ready. I have close to 50 NPC stations holding from 1B to 10s of B in ship and module.
when I want a new ship, I use a jita alt, buy the stuff and contract it to my main ; who then make a public contract and posts it in the haulers channel, with increase rewards because it’s cheap as dust. And I usually give 50% more to the hauler if done fast (withing two hours) . last week I moved a 1B3+ ship( packaged) this way and it cost me…

30M isk to move it on 20jumps (+15M because it was fast). and the required price from the cost site(linked in the haulers channel) was more like 25M. something like 2.5% added price .
I will need another one soon, (actually several ones), no reason to waste my time doing the hauling myself, just contract from jita and … well , forget it until it’s done.

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Or… Use a bowhead to haul fit ships exactly as they are. It’s pretty much the only reason that ship exists.

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Private contract them to me and I’ll make sure you get your money’s worth…

Hmmm. No thanks

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Sell them via contract

Train contracting skill up and list them as public contracts for tempting prices-quite bit lower than at a trade hub.
If genuine players won’t notice the multi regional traders looking for a quick buck might

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So i should pack them up and just lose the rigs?

It’s a 42 day time to skill into the bowhead for me.

There’s also the risk of being taken out while on my way to the destination too, it’s a lot of jumps away. Unless of course I arrange an escort

Hi there.

Hire me to transport all items for you. Free of charge of course.

Oh - should be across highsec only.

I don’t play Eve anymore, but I do log in to help players occasionally.

I enjoy moving things.

Let me know.


If anyone in your corp can fly it, leveraging corpmates is usually safer than randos on the forums. Good luck o/

If you contract someone to do it, make sure to set a high collateral, in case someone decides to just grab your stuff for the contract and then doesn’t complete it, meaning they have your stuff now.

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I suggest just moving what you need and keep everything else there.

As for the ships, don’t lose the rigs by repackaging them, if you don’t want to spend the time moving them yourself, contract the job to Red Frog in High Sec. I think Black Frog does Low and Null Sec Hauling.

Anyway, all you really need is probably just a few ships so moving them yourself shouldn’t take too long. The same applies to all your stuff too, just move what you currently need and then later when the situation presents itself, just move those items.


No…selling ships via contract you don’t repackage them.

You don’t have to move it for now. Especially not if you are not sure. How well do you know the new cop, that you want to move all your assets? Look at how often people change corps. You migh move all your stuff into an even less convenient place than before. Do you move it to station or a citadel? Imagine what happens with everything once you loose access to that citadel.

Ask the corp you are about to join what ships will be useful for you to have. After joinig buy what you really need in your new destination. Deal with your assets later, once you know more.
You shouln’t really need ISK to join a corp.


That guy offering to move stuff for free must think I’m an idiot. The only way anything will be moved by such a person is in a courier contract with a collateral equal to the value of the ship

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I have moved ships and I move the expensive ones individually and the cheaper ones in a Bowhead, I kept a close eye on the value I was moving and I would move the ships individually through the systems of Uedama and Niarja and the systems either side of them. It just takes a little thought, of course they can gank your empty bowhead, but it sucks to be them…

In any case you should move the ships that you think you will need and skill up for the bowhead to move the others later, because it is really helpful in situations like that as long as you do not move it packed with juicy ships where bumpers are known to lurk.


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