Ships stuck in no economy area

Hello all,

I have an issue; I am returning to eve, but cannot afford the monthly subscription. I plan to pay for a PLEX by selling ships.

However, all of my ships are packed in a bigger one who’s name I forget. I am an (armor) incursion runner, so I have 1 ship that carries a guardian, a nightmare, and a paladin. Sadly I can’t remember its name and I’m not logged on now. I cannot fly any of the ships without an omega account; so I cannot move them (to my knowledge).

Does anyone know how I can somehow get these ships to like jita 4-4 so I can sell them? The area they are in now is not feasible. I imagine a contract of sorts, but I have never done a contract like this. How do I know whoever takes it won’t steal my property? It would take forever to calculate with the faction mods how much the haul is worth.

Any advice is appreciated. Thank you.

Did you try going to the station they are in, dragging them out of the ship they are in, stripping them of their modules and cargo and selling them on contract (assuming you don’t want to pull off the rigs)? Then you could take the modules and cargo and haul/sell that separately.

I think what he’s meaning is that the ships are in a region that doesn’t have much of a market at all, so finding someone to buy it, even on contract might be hard.

if thats the case, then the best bet might be to run out there, grab the mods, repackage the ships (loosing the rigs sucks but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do) then setting up a contract with red frog to move them to a trade hub.

on the bright side, if you used to be an incursion runner, there is a good chance that the modules from those ships are worth more than the hulls themselves. so you could (in theory) sell the mods, use that to get omega, and then fly the ships to a hub yourself to sell them rigs intact.

if none of the above work, then your next best bet would be to post in the market forum offering them at a discount.

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you wouldn’t have to repackage the ships with pushX… they can move your stuff wherever you want.

You can still move the ships out of the bay even if you can’t pilot the ship carrying them.

Then you can have red frog or someone else move them without repackaging them.

But whatever you do, it’s likely going to involve another player, paying that other players or losing some stuffs.

So, you cannot afford $15 IRL but you will spend 100s of hours earning it in a game?

Get a real job.


contract them out to jita. these guys should be able to sort ya out,
welcome back :slight_smile:

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I’ve been forced to. It seems I cannot return to eve with PLEX prices as they are. I will have to save up money.

You’re a real dick. I’ve had a ‘real job’ since I was 14 years old. I am currently in school so that I can get a better ‘real job’. I do not have $15 to spare for eve; asshole.

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There is a say in my village:

Welcome to Eve!

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I think thats the point he was trying to make.

If you have 100s of hours to spare to farm isk, then you have 1 hour to spare to work.

And with minimum wages as they are in most developed countries, it takes maybe 2-3 hours of work to get 1 month of subs.


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