How do I move all my ships from a station to another?

So I’ve got some ships in one station, and how do I move them all to another station?

Hire a Bowhead shipper


Are they rigged? If not empty all cargo both cargo and the dronebay right click strip fittings and then right click and repackage.


If the ships are not rigged, you can repackage them and either haul them yourselves or contract someone else to do it. If they are rigged, you’ll need a ship with a ship maintenance bay like the Bowhead or Orca to move assembled ships.

If you don’t want to pay for that you can fly each of them individually to destination and fly back in your pod to get the next one.

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No, they’re not rigged, thanks everyone for the response!

Ah your fine then. If you have a bit of ISK, I recommend PUSH for yuor hauling needs…they are great.


I’ll have a look, thanks!

Pilot them through gates one by one.

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Autopilot is best for this.

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