Noob Q: How to relocate all of your ships & possessions at once?

G’day guys - real noob here with a question that’s been stumping me. I somehow found an option when I was working through the career agents to relocate all of ships/assets to a new station, so I shifted to where all of the Career Agents were so I didn’t have to keep shuttling back and forth when changing ships.

Now that I’ve finished the career agent stuff and am starting out in The Real World™ the ships I’ve accumulated are all housed on a station that’s the farthest from the brightest centre of the universe. Now I want to relocate all of my ships and worldly possessions to somewhere closer to the action to stop the unnecessary shuttling backwards and forwards to change ships/refit. I’ve been unable to find the option I used the first time around to relocate everything at once.

Can anyone help as to what’s the best/easiest way to get all of my ships & assets to a new location (noting that they’re all at the same station atm.)

you can use them to transfer anything.

I used them quite a bit and never had an issue. It may take a day or two, but they are pretty reliable.

if you want to try to go the cheaper route, you could ask anybody in your corp if they can transfer it.

But if you use Push X, or probably anybody else really, it’ll be at least Monday/Tuesday before they try to move anything since Burn Jita is happening.

The answer I’d give is “Don’t.”

Move the stuff you need to have, and buy new where you can afford it.

You won’t have accumulated enough to worry about long term, so unless you’re somewhat obsessive about keeping your asset list tidy, just let it sprawl over the cluster.

(I’d suggest, btw, if you haven’t done it yet, try The Blood Stained Stars Epic arc. it’s worth doing)


Thx for the feedback guys. I’ll think about what to decide on.

WRT The Blood Stained Stars arc, how do I access that?

Thanks - got it. 17 jumps away :slight_smile:

The start is 17 jumps away.

You’ll be jumping a lot while doing it. Good training for "dont bring everything along " :smile:

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It’s good to do the early (BTW it’s also known as the “SoE Epic Arc” - you many have seen it mentioned in the Rookie Help channel by that name) …

… but experienced players do it too, for the standings reward, and they sometimes forget some of the rookie aspects of it along the way:

  • You get a significant standards boost on completion. You don’t want to waste this, so I suggest that during the Arc, make sure you understand EVE standings and which side you want to be on for the immediate future, so it’s easy to decide how to use the standings reward.
  • Most of the missions are reasonably easy, but a few must have been designed to teach important lessons. There’s one (Burning Down the Hive) where a lot of players lose their best mission ship for the first time, and two at the end (especially the penultimate mission: Our Man Dagan) that require a well fitted ship and a plan for handling incoming damage. Killing Dagan is often the first time a new player has to optimize a ship for a task, which can be difficult the first time.

FWIW, I suggest you do both the missions I named above in “the best ship you can definitely afford to lose”, fail, then ask someone who’s done it before help you prepare for your second attempt.

You can get help in advance of course, but IMO these are things that are better “learned the hard way” - but not to the extent that you have to grind for a couple of days to replace the ships you risk, so use cost-effective ships rather than the best you can afford.

Dagan is a hard target for a rookie, but he’s an unusually instructive opponent. He can be dropped in several different ways (different tanking styles, different ranges, etc) - you can test every technique that works for your faction. If I ever do the SoE Arc again I’ll definitely “suicide” just before killing him a few times so I can practice multiple fits and techniques using cheap, minimally powerful ships.

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Most players have a bunch of T1 Frigs and Indus in their starting systems, don’t worry :slight_smile:
Get used to scattered ships and possession. Your skills grow and you just buy the better modules instead of searching scattered webs and guns for fitting purposes.

Join the “Elite Alpha” chat channel: I run a free hauling service for players across high security space.

I may not be online today, but I should be around sometime over the next week.

However, to answer your main post: unfortunately there are no ways that I currently know of that allows players to move ships/items automatically from stations to one location. Everything has to be done by the player flying one ship at a time and moving yourself.

I’m not sure what you were referring to in the career agents - I haven’t done those missions in over 2 years now, but I am curious :slight_smile:

Natocha Daisy.

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You mean fortunately! The fact that distance and travel time matter make the game so much more interesting. It opens up opportunities for trading and being a courier that provide game play for a whole collection of players and really makes it feel like a virtual universe.

Speaking of which, there is another option to move your stuff OP: courier contracts. As @Natocha_Daisy offered, it is possible to pay other players to move your stuff for you. Some players specialize in moving large amounts of cargo for other players and there is a courier contract system by which you can do it safely. Ships can get large and be expensive to haul and maybe should just be sold, but a small volume, low value package with a long time frame should get moved. But, your ISK is probably limited so in general, just leaving your stuff, or perhaps selling it and rebuying what you need is more efficient.

In general most people hoard way more than they need. Selling your stuff regularly is probably a good habit to get into. Almost everything can be made by players, and very little of it is rare or valuable, especially when you are a new player, so using the market as your warehouse is a good idea. There is no need to keep things on hand ‘just in case’ because you can always just go to a market hub and find another.


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