Stuck with my millions items


I come back after a little break, but everything has changed. A gate in hs no longer exists. My station was 16 jumps from jita, now 52 jumps !!!
I played for 10 years. I have millions of items, hundreds of ships, 70,000,000m3 of minerals and components, 250 bpo …

If I want to move everything with an obelisk:
around 150 round trips.
150x (52 x2) = 15600 jumps
About 90s per jump makes 1,404,000s in total. Either 390 hours or 16 non-stop days …

It is totally impossible to move all of this. What do I do ?
Resuming under these conditions is not fun. I have so far activated only one of my accounts, but I don’t think I will play again given the conditions.
Let the gates change into ls and ns ok. But what’s the point of playing in HS and settling down permanently if it’s so chaotic ?!
What is the HS … for?
What are the solutions ?

Be happy that it’s only 52 jumps and the system still there and not moved to Pochven. I assume you suffer from Niarja being moved to Pochven, removing the easy highsec route. Amarr should be close enough, focus there?

Well, I ask you. Why you supposed there was a point in settling down permanently?

Whatever floats you space boat. Some say that suicide gank is popular those days.

Selling the stuff that is not worth to transport locally and move the rest with aid of courier contracts
…or maybe getting used to live away from Jita.

I was very happy to come back to play after this forced absence. But CCP with his stupid ideas almost disgusts me to have restarted the game.
Play ten years in HS in the same system. Do not want to settle in LS and NS so as not to suffer this kind of desiguration.
And in the end, these whores of desigrent come to HS?!

If the disadvantages of the NS and LS come in HS one must also have the benefits that go with it!


Use market hauling : sell where they are, buy where you want them. It’s the same trick as market storage, but on the local dimension instead of temporal one.

I’d say you could give it all away to someone like me who would be willing to transport it. Or you could sell it a steep discount.

If that was the case… but by the way you describe it seems your station remains in a highsec system, with no disadvantages of NS/LS.

It seems like the problem is you came back expecting to do one thing, ship your stuff to Jita, but now that’s not as easy as you thought it would be. But you’re far from stuck.

  1. Maybe you can ship stuff to Amarr to sell.
  2. Maybe you can build things with all those minerals, build and sell barges maybe?
  3. Maybe you can put up things in low-ball public courier contracts to Jita and eventually all your stuff will be moved without doing a 16 day moving marathon
  4. Find out what’s going on in your area, there might be a local market for some things.
  5. You can still just go play the game and leave that stuff until you feel like dealing with it.

I get that you’re surprised, but don’t get angry, just figure it out. That’s the fun of this game. It surprises you.

Everything from, “The Comet was blaster fit!” to “Aliens sucked part of highsec into WH space and now I’m cut off from galactic civilization!!”

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Why are you so attached to a bunch of stuff from the past? Sell it off contracts and start again with a nice wallet full of ISK.

Cool, sell it all. Start fresh. You’re not impressing anyone with 250 BPOs of T1 modules and rigs.


Sell it, unless it’s all limited edition. With the ISK you’ll make you can get new stuff wherever it is you decide to establish yourself.

Contract me all your stuff, ill move it to Jita and give you it back 2x

Just be sure to get 4x the value of your stuff from @CowRocket_Void in collateral first.

Why do you need to move it?
Why not keep it? Or sell it?
Why should it be in jita rather than in the station where you left it?
Why does it need to be moved now?

You came back from a break and your stuff is all still in the same system where it was before and the only issue is that the route to Jita is a little longer now. So what? Your system is not invaded, your system is not turned into another region of space (Pochven) and your structure has not blown up, your assets are still exactly where they used to be: safely in a station in high sec space.

What is the issue?

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Easiest thing to do is sell it.

Second easiest is to hire someone to move it.

Fundamentally, though, this is part of the fun of the game. You’ve got a problem to solve.

Let us know what you come up with.


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