Do I have to sell the hangars I bought to sort things when I move or is there another option?

I’m not really sure what you mean, ‘sell the hangars’?

Each structure and station that you can dock in has it’s own fleet hangar.

If you move you could sell or move the content of the hangars (or just leave the ships there if you want to use it again in the future, I have ships in more than a few stations and structures myself).

Or do you mean you bought station containers as some kind of folder structure to sort your things? Those too you can leave inside the station or structure if you move and buy new station containers in your next home. They’re not expensive and really bulky, even if repackaged, so it’s often not worth moving them.

Unless you need the money or don’t like littering stuff all through the universe, you don’t need to sell your old stuff when you move. If your stuff is in NPC stations right now, it will be safe there.



I wished I knew that beforehand.

Yes. I don’t like to see ten stations in my assets window and stuff in stations I’ll never visit again.
Didn’t check if I can sell them and now I have to wait because my tv stopped working and have to buy a new one. I hope the corporation that recruited me won’t kick me out for not logging for a few days.

You could always tell them, hey my monitor died.

How can I tell them if I cannot log into the game? More precisely, how can I log into the game and send them a message without a screen to see what I’m doing?

Many corporations have out-of-game communication channels that you can use to chat while not ingame. Try there?


I usually trash the stuff if I’m sure I don’t want to use it anymore and don’t want to move or sell it.

Eve portal? Discord?

Eve portal will send an in game message and im sure you all use discord.

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I was just accepted into the corporation. I haven’t even read the welcome message because I saved it in my game notes to blow it up bigger in fonts because I wasn’t going to read all that in the game’s small fonts, don’t want to go blind.
So I have no idea what website they’re on or if I can even send them a message there.

It’s not the stuff it’s the hangar but that’s fine. I think I can sell them.

I may have to download that, yes.

I haven’t had the time to get on discord with them and all the info to get on it would require a screen to look at.

Going to try EVE Portal.

I tend to have my crud spread out and about all over New Eden. I find the assets tab still usable, but I heavily use the “search” function. In some places it’s organized into cans, in other places not so much.

I find it valuable, because I usually have assets in specific places for specific goals – making money, PvP, both – and being able to simply leave it there at a location and start up someplace new has led to a certain resilience: I know if a new place doesn’t work out, misfortune befalls me, and I get camped at one station, I can fall back to the previous location and still have things to do to make money and get kills.

Yes it means having assets sitting around and doing nothing for you, but that’s the price of this sort of homemade insurance.

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As a member of the United Standings Improvement Agency, i have ships/assets spread around to service clients for multiple corporations that they need Standings from

If you can download eve portal you can also put discord on your phone as well. Send them an eve mail and ask about discord.

Im not able to play eve atm, but i still fulfil my corp duties via discord since that is where we conduct our business

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That would give me nightmares, I’m a neat freak, “everything has its place” sort of guy. But I’m also planning to move closer to my corporation’s areas so I can participate in fleet and whatnot. I don’t want to be reminded that I have empty station containers 20 jumps away. It also would be a distraction in the assets window while choosing where to go for what I need.

You also have the option once they are repackaged if you dont sell them, to have a company like push x to move it for you

So cargo containers can be moved then? Well okay then, thanks for the info.

Yes, they can be moved.

But even when repackaged the station containers have very large volumes and low prices, so moving them may not be worth it. It can be more expensive to move them than to buy new station containers at your other station.


It’s true they’re not expensive. I’ll be able to get a couple of them at my new station so I’ll sell them or just give them to another player who needs them there.

I really appreciate you guys taking the time to reply.
Thank you.


Enjoy your time in New Eden!


I’m sure I will. I really like this game so far.

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Instead of trashing the containers, you can also reprocess them. The resulting minerals are much smaller to move.

I prefer to use freight containers (250000m3, 2500m3 packaged) instead of station containers (1000000m3, 10000m3 packaged), the freight containers are a lot easier to repackage and move, and you don’t typically need all that space for just your personal stuff.

Added bonus is that freight containers will fit assembled in a freighter, so you can (have someone) move your stuff without having to reorganise your hangars.

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I will probably give them away. I don’t have a lot to move at all.

Thank you.