Long term mothballing of in game items

I’m fixing to go away for a couple of years or longer, is it better to leave ships in hangers or place them in station containers?

Better contract all your stuff to me, you never know what CCP may decide to nuke next. I’ll make sure it is there when you return for a small fee.

Sad to hear that but your stuff should be safe if you leave it in a major trade station, or in starter / career system station.


When RL changes the course of your life, but it’s a positive change and I plan to throw myself into it.


Put items in containers. Makes it easier to rediscover things should you ever come back. Assembled ships can just stay in the ship hangar, it makes no difference if they are in a station container or not.

baddddd idea for contracting /courier purposes unless mechanics have changed.

I wish you all the best!! I hope your stuff will be there when you return - hell I hope EVE will be there when you return, lol. Do you plan to forego participation in the forum as well or will you still be be us here? I do like a lot of your posts, makes for interesting convo even if I don’t always agree with you.


I’ll probably keep tabs, thanks for your kind words, if I accomplish at least half of what I want to do I’d be happy but change has to happen and I’m hoping to be that change even in a small way, I will see about posting in “out of pod” about a project I hope will make it so I can live the dream, independence, no more job.

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It will be safe in an NPC station, you are overthinking things. Wish you all the best :slight_smile:

As Triple H would say, good luck in your future endeavors

Please do, thank you.
So many players are leaving the game these days it’s getting depressing. My two friends that I started playing the game with have been gone for more than a year now, I also used to message with a gentleman everyday for two years, nice chap and full of answers. He’s gone too or maybe he biomassed the character he used, that’s another possibility as well.
Still though. CCP keeps their Scarcity and Destruction tantrum and all that’ll be left are the newbros. Nothing against newbros but it’s just not the same than playing with guys who’ve been at it for ten years or more.



Newbros are more important to a healthy video game than bittervets, btw. If you want a game (any game, not just EVE Online) to survive, you’re gonna want it to have a very good new player on-boarding program.


Never mentioned any bittervets in my post. I don’t know what you’re on about. Just because someone has played a game 10 years doesn’t mean he’s a bittervet, he could also be a happyvet or a contentvet.
And NO, newbros aren’t more important than any other players and many of them have no business playing EVE but for getting farmed and swindled they’re OK I guess.

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Only safe place is 4.4 Jita. When you take away the gankers of course. You will need to learn how to haul safely first if you would want to relocate stuff. Or alternatively you can contact someone who will do this for you.

NPC stations were moved to Pochven in the past. Jita was not affected by invasions, and I doubt it will ever change status. I may be wrong of course, but the risk is really low.

Other than making sure things are safe in NPC stations, leave everything as is. Your memory will help you when you get back. If you move everything around, you’ll have to unwind all your ‘clever’ choices, that you wont remember in two years.

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One can always leave a note to itself in future, that past decisions in a note in game.


True, but why go to all the effort to rearrange everything AND leave a note, when it is simpler to just make sure things are safe and leave them as they are otherwise?

Leaving notes is a great idea and I guess that would be naming containers or even ships with something that you can return to and know what is there.

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