Evacuate Final Lim Systems for offline users question

So many of us have had friends come and go from the game for years now. Thousands of pilots and all of them has stuff in hangers all over New Eden. So what happens to their stuff in affected stations if they weren’t paying attention to the random patcher note?

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They get a surprise!


Well if they are a real friend maybe you should give them a heads up

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Do you know what stations your friend has stuff in? If so stop account sharing. Also known as don’t be silly.

CCP has sent a notification out but I hope they are smarter than with the asset safety change and don’t just destroy it all. I suspect the evac is more about capsule locations that might get stuck in WH like space and not know how to get out on return.

Well this may come as a shock but my friends and I played together so we knew what stations we were based out of for FW and Missions.

I am hoping you are right. But I fear CCP may just snap things out of existence like a discount Thanos.

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Already reached out. But some people are hermits these days.

Yeah, well… I guess I’m just one of those unlucky people. I just logged back into the game after a few years and my lowsec industrial haunt is camped to hell and back by Trigs.

Now, me being somehat used to people wanting to blow me up for a multitude of reasons I got a few things out of there already, but holy ■■■■… these things warp to my undock bookmarks as if they’d made a layercake of perch points!

I don’t know whether I should be pissed or impressed. All in all, if you treat them like a blob of players things ain’t that bad. Do these boys scram / disrupt? So far I’ve been able to move smaller assets out with fast aligning frigs, but I’m hesitant to undock a blockade runner or my T3 from the camped station.

A few do, but if it’s not a kickout station just redock if there is a fleet on station.

You can use a sub 2 sec sunesis which has a considerable native cargo capacity of 600 m3 and omni resists so should be a better solution than frigates for evacuating in small chunks, in case you do not plan to attempt it with an actual hauler.

Thanks! My point however, was how to get a Blockade Runner out of said station. If these boys don’t scram, I could use my undocking BM but they do warp with me so I’m unsure if they’d decloak me.

I have an idea though. I am going to make a new BM much farther away using a cheap cloaky and then see if they can get out that far, and how quickly that happens. Perhaps I can buy myself some align time that way. If someone has a comprehensive source on Trig AI I’d love to read it.

There are ships with part of name - Anchoring.
Can range from frigates to battleships.

how to get a Blockade Runner out of said station

Undock, if there is no fleet on station, warp out and jump thru gate. If there is fleet, dock back. From citadel you can align to gate and warp to gate unbothered if there is tether.

Just a guess but I assume they only follow you around within the same grid so if your instadock bm is outside the grid (no longer see the station when at the bm) then probably they will not follow you.

You can check this either by making the bm and warping to it or simply warping to non-instadock safespot (easily made warping between celestials) as if they follow you there they will follow you to the off-grid instadock too but if not then they shouldn’t follow you there either.

The only thing is if there is no object to warp to towards the undock direction to throw a bm while in warp then you have to travel 20-30K km or such with a fast ship to make the bm (preferably cloaked I guess not to get harassed by the trigs or fast enough not to get killed by them if such is possible to achieve).

Thank you. My current BM is an on-grid one, so my initial thought was to grab a cheap cloaky, warp to the BM and quickly cloak up, set speed to max and go make myself a sandwich while I wait for my ship to drop offgrid. I’d only have to make the offgrid bookmark once, warp back and test it.

I suspect speed won’t help me much here, as they seem to be able to warp to your position. No clue as to how far they will go from the camped object, but that might be interesting to find out. Using cheap trash to test that, off course.

Oh, on a sidenote… all my stuff is still here, in an NPC station in a Final Luminality system. It’s not like anything happened to the assets themselves. It’s just a pain to get out, but much less troublesome then the usual issues a player in nullsec has after a long break. AFAIK the industry slots are still available. I’m considering to get positive standings with the Triglavians as that might fix my issue alltogether.

TLDR: Trigs hellcamping your station is still a mild problem compared to actual players doing the same. Think of them as an alliance big enough to camp 24/7 but the average Trig pilot being of the “can I bring my Drake” variety :smiley:

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With extracting its a good strategy, but for longer active play in empire space its bad because EDENCOM have many systems in high sec and low sec, around double of what trigs have, and they are also camped by NPCs. Some of those systems are very strategically situated. Niarja is trigs, but the future of it is not really known, and its also a system with a gatecamp 24/7 situation. Trigs are not the worst in that system.


I get your point, but EDENCOM has no foothold in my area while the Trigs do. From an pragmatic standpoint it would be logical to side with the Trigs. That being said, since no-one knows the long-term implications of siding with either, so I’m also a bit tempted to side with the invaders just because they have the best aesthetics :sunglasses:

Well, if its your particular place you never leave… But notice that you will be probably left with Edencom actually in empire space. If CCP leaves fortresses as they are, and if CCP removes gate connections to liminal systems, like in trailer.

Maybe these liminal systems will became a separate RvR battleground, but its speculation.

I wasn’t aware there was a new trailer! I’ll check that out as soon as I get home from work. That implies assets stuck in a Trig system could eventually be lost or otherwise unavailable. That… is an extra incentive to ally with them, at least untill I get my assets out :smiley:

Logged in an alpha account alt to check on skills.

Needed to buy a skill that would keep skill queue entertained for a week. Didn’t have quite enough ISK in the wallet. Had like 60k ISK and needed like 200k ISK.

So, I decide to run some quick level I’s to get it done… it is a hauler toon so I went to the nearest Distribution Agent I could find. First mission ‘May take you through LowSec….’

…what?!?.. a Level I???

Yeah, it was literally the next door system… but it was one of CCP’s newest highsec/nullsec trig systems.

Logged off. Probably won’t ever touch the toon again ever or at least until CCP pulls their head out of their wormhole.

Honestly, talk about new player experience… “Here you go, enter this system where you will die and where you will be sent for multiple missions.

Nobody is going to keep playing a game that stomps on level I mission runners.

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Players often scram at undock and let trigs do the work. Luckily I had my DST and overheated my modules while attempting to redock. Tanked 3 trig turrets and a swarm fleet. Almost lost it even though i had insta warp bookmarks. A blockade runner cannot cloak at undock until it hits warp. With roughly 10k ehp it will get insta blapped.

This was because I had stuff on the market when the system went full derp. Now I avoid these systems all together until they change the mechanics. Meaning I dont travel highsec or lowsec anymore. Im literally stuck with jumpclones in several constellations

I get your point, but missions of any level could potentially send you through lowsec anyway. The fact this now might involve old mission content being disrupted by Triglavians is kind of the point I guess. My NPE was ages ago when I got a corvette and was left to my own devices, and as it happens, I just survived on of their gatecamps in an untanked Probe.