System Final Liminality

Hi - posting this is in new citizens as I fear my actual question will get caught up in the flaming that surely this will generate.

I live a hi-sec existence, and haven’t logged in for a few days. I log in and find I can’t leave my station where literally all my stuff and ships are. Many years, billions of isk, all the ships I’ve saved for etc etc. Now they are of no use because I get blown away as soon as I leave station.

EDIT: don’t pay attention to fit - it was a cheap travelceptor thing

I understand the mechanics of the trig v edencom war - I understand my system has been lost - but am I really supposed to just leave all my stuff behind, and fly away in my capsule to find another HQ? I chose this system after a lot of research - and had to grind empire standings for literally days to be able to join my corp and live in a station that was suitable for me.

I understand Eve is a transitory game - things change all the time, but this is too much in my opinion, this time. I would rather quit the game than have to grind all my stuff back. There are 1,000,000 ways to play Eve, this is something that is advertised as a ‘feature’, but the way I chose to play the game have been completely taken away.

My question is - how final, is final liminality?

TLDR - I have had all/most of my existence wiped out by a game mechanic that I didn’t choose to partake in, nor did I have any chance of preventing because I was away from the game, and is permanent and irreversible. Or is it?

Thanks for reading. As you can see this was a bit of a vent so apologies, but there is a question in there somewhere.

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I wouldn’t fly away in your capsule. Trigs are not mission rats and they will pod you.

CCP has stated repeatedly that the final system states are, in fact, final - that is, the systems that the Trigs have invaded and achieved victory (minor or final liminality) are permanently Trig systems with absolutely no CONCORD engagement, which means they are inherently nullsec (since CONCORD dictates security status). Your high-sec home is permanently nullsec, insofar as current game mechanics work.

While nothing can resolve the nullsec part of the issue, it is relatively easy to make the trigs view you as a neutral party - the hardest part is actually escaping the system to do so.

There are a couple options to you:

  • Jump clone out of the system
  • Don’t have a jump clone? See if an EDENCOM response fleet is available to clear your station and the gate of Werpost units so you can escape
  • Undock in a tanky ship (you’ll want to be able to survive 1,000 damage as 250/type with 0% resist, per werpost unit present) - you can pre-scout the number of turrets by undocking in any ship and issuing a stop command to hold by the station, review the overview, and then re-dock, before your 30 second undock invul ends - and scamper out of the system that way.

Once you are clear of the Final Liminality system, look for a EDENCOM system or a contested system. Kill/whore on the kill of a single EDENCOM ship. Wait 20 minutes for your standings to refresh with the standing change (tiny loss with EDENCOM, tiny gain with Trigs). Relog to verify your standings show accordingly. Trigs will now be white (neutral) to you, and EDENCOM will still be white as well. You can now safely traverse Trig-held space.

After that - you just have to try and get your assets safely out of the system - watch for a low activity time in local, and don’t warp straight to the gate from your station. You might also see if one of the nullsec hauler corps will take your stuff out for you, if you aren’t comfortable doing it yourself. You may be able to asset safety your stuff into true lowsec, but I’m honestly not sure - I can’t find any statements one way or the other on the forums or via Google.


The solution is simple. You just need neutral standing with EDENCOM and the Trigs.


You really shouldn’t take advantage of the NCQ&A section like that.

Just ask if it’s a permanent change in General Discussion without all the drama.

Probably nobody really knows yet, though.

Thanks all for the replies.

Apologies for wrong forum.

Xuxe, I admit I was a bit hot under the collar and should’ve cooled down a bit before posting. I’ve done that now.

Mkikaden, thank you in particular for your detailed reponse, that was very helpful. I will do as you suggest. Thanks for giving me some hope.

Expect to see more of these posts though soon, its quite an extreme change for a relatively quiet backwater hi sec system (thats why I chose Ichoriya as my home base) to turn into full on, null sec, move and you die, having to tank 5 000 plus dps (5+ sentry guns nearby my station) just to leave my station) horrorfest.

I take it all back, if it turns out not to be permanent, though.

Thanks again all.


Glad I could help.

The really frustrating thing to me is that those werpost sentry guns aren’t restricted to just the Final Liminality systems - they appear in the Trig Minor Victory systems, too! Final Lim get the extra oooof of null sec status, but ANY trig victory is a gut punch for residents who are caught by surprise. I’m glad the ‘make Trigs neutral’ effort is small, but you have to know about the issue before you can address it and a lot of people didn’t/don’t. :confused:

Recently came back after a few years break only to find the same thing, many billions in assets that are now useless. Sadly hearing this is most likely permanent, im out. Many years of gathering/building all locked behind this. I could grind the trig rep sure, but players dont have rep.

All in all i dont hate the game, but now have 0 drive to play it. :frowning:

That is virtually impossible, Xuxe. Unless you are willing to “grind” Trig standing…

It’s incredibly easy to move stuff one jump out of a trig system. If you don’t know how, you can just put up a contract and sell it to someone who will. You can also become neutral to the Trigs in 20 minutes, and you can even reverse that equally as easily if you prefer EDENCOM.

Or, you can throw up your hands and quit. I mean, it’s fine if you don’t want to play anymore, but let’s not lead the new players that might be reading this to believe getting stuff out of a lowsec or a trigsec station is especially difficult. If you are a plucky new player reading this, just ask how and someone will help you.


Way to completely miss the point. He’s not scared of the Trigs. He’s scared of other players.

Is he scared? I thought he was just confused.

Good. Eve is working as intended.


I volunteer as your asset sink. You can just contract them all over to me

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