What Happens if My System Falls?

I am a PVE carebare, I’ll admit up front. My attempts at PVP wind up with me trying to find 1v1 or fair fights, and just get stomped by 3-6 players so I haven’t returned to that ■■■■■■■■. I don’t play enough to get into a corp that’d fleet with, so PVE for me.

That said, I am also a ship collector. I love setting up fits and trying them out after working it out in Pyfa or whatever. If my system falls to Trigs, whaaat exactly happens to my station? My stuff? And what systems are unbreakable? Might just move to one of those ahead of time.

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If your stuff is stored in an NPC station, nothing will happen. If your stuff is stored in a citadel, no one knows yet.

Move your stuff out of citadels in any contested system. If a system falls, you’ll have to fly your stuff out manually. Chances are it will be right next to high-sec, so that shouldn’t be difficult.

it depends:
If your station is an NPC station, your stuff is safe, barring any other moronic changes by our benevolent CCP overlords. This will be true of any system.
If your stuff is in a player-owned citadel, it will be transported to asset safety unless the citadel is in an abandoned state. I would keep an eye on any assets in a citadel owned by other players, especially in a low power state. This is true of all systems.
If your system doesn’t have a blue or yellow star, the triglavians won’t take it over and reduce the sec status. They can make it into a “minor victory” but we don’t know what that means yet.
If your system has a blue/yellow star, then it’s possible for Triglavian-aligned forces to capture the system and reduce the security status. If this happens, any citadels in the system will be attackable without a war declaration.
Any systems listed as an EDENCOM fortress in the Agency window will be safe from Triglavian invasion, so you should be fine to live there.

TL;DR: Your stuff: probably nothing. Your citadels: maybe bad things if the Triglavians win.


Well my system isn’t blue or yellow star. BUT Jita is! I wonder what will happen. :thinking:

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Jita is a type O1 blue star, which for some reason are the one blue star that the Trigs don’t care about. They only take over the smaller A0 and B0 ones.

So no, Jita is unfortunately not in danger. Perimeter is though!


Would be a truly epic developement…but likely will not happen. The wails of abject misery ragequit would be so loud and constant ccp would probably refer to it in future as the Great Salty Flood.

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How do you figure out what type a star is? It doesn’t seem like it’s in the info tab.

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Dotlan, celestials is one way.


Oohhh that’s handy. I was looking at Dotlan but looking at the wrong page. Thanks!

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Whether the system falls to Trigs has no impact on your stuff. Your assets will still operate the same way depending on which structure they’re located in. Triglavian invasions don’t have any impact on them.

NPC station - 100% safe, they can’t be destroyed
Fueled Upwell structure - 100% safe, they’ll be Asset Safety’d in case the structure dies or is unanchored somehow
Abandoned Upwell structure - will either drop or be destroyed based on RNG

The rules are the same no matter what state the system is in regarding the Triglavians.

Store all your stuff in NPC stations, it is the only place you should keep stuff.

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Agree 100%.

I keep all my assets in NPC Trade Station, makes it easy to sell and buy items when needed. Whenever I have any Science or Industrial jobs, I’ll gather the required materials and transport them to an appropriate player structure for that specific job.

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There was no 0.8 and above systems invaded as I have seen it yesterday. If you are in such system, looking at what systems are being invaded, you are safe. I dont know if triglavians are not attacking it because there is small amount of them and they didnt yet decided to pick up one, or they are somehow afraid.

But the war is not over, so you may be wanting to prepare the stuff for move. And fight against Triglavians to save your home.

You pick it back up and start again. Unless you lost years of effort than I say “I wont hold it against you if you move on”.

You run. You run as far as you can…to new lands far from the strife and troubles of our time.

That you make an attempt at it means you are not a carebear. Carebears absolutely avoid any and all situations that they even have the slightest chance of losing. Looking for fights and losing is NOT carebear.

Just like clowns are not metal.

Multiple bases of operation solves your problem. Just move around a bit.

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I mean it helps to understand the game you are playing when trying to do something. EVE is not an battle arena with matches but a sandbox. If you expect 1v1 or fair fights you play in the wrong game.

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