Safe system from Triglavian invasions?

I used to have some assets from old systems that was captured from triglavian invasion times ago , luckly with some help i recovered evrything back into Hi-sec , now im wondering are there some system that cannot be captured from Triglavian (like 1.0 sec ) ? or evrything can fall into pochnev or get lowered sec status if they win all timers?

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As long as there is a faction war going with the four majors, it would be safe to say those areas would not fall to the Triglavian Collective.

Yah don’t need to worry about that. Just keep your stuff in an NPC station. If your THAT scared put it in Jita.

bit late my friend, CCP stop the taking of system at 27 system and since that, no more invasion


Hum. Don’t trust Iceacid Frospacker or Anthony FatTony Amico : they 're both known to be trigs informants. Someone very important (CCP John Doe) told me yesterday that Jita and Perimeter where about to fall and joined to Pochven. You can contract me all your stuff i will sure take care of it. Thank you.

Frostpacker News August Y124 Issue

Triglavian Informant


Read that. He doesn’t even deny!

The Triglavian event was a one-time thing, that ended when Pochven was formed. There are still some Triglavian/Edencom “Minor Victory” systems in high sec that have some Trig/Edencom sites and NPCs but no more systems will change security or location due to Triglavian contests.

Your assets can still be at risk in player-owned Citadels, so be careful where you store them.


You soil the name of the Amico Mafia. I was there when WTM and TDF dropped doing incursions and went to fight for Niraja. I fought side by side with the legendary James Baboli who dedicated his multibillion ISK fortune to the critical 0.5 system and many other fights thereafter. You do not have the slightest clue what me, my loyal henchmen, or everyone else did that day or the battles after. Today I now kill many trigs, and drones by invading their abyssal t4 space and looting what I can with my gila in the name of EDI and Verum Petro.

Makes me sick when someone with such little knowledge of the war and the scars it placed on the thousands of fighters.

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Just to add to Kezrai’s post regarding the Tiglavian Minor Victory Systems, don’t fly through them if you do not have positive standings to Triglavians. Would be a shame for you to end up like this poor Pilot Nomad | Yecla | Killmail | zKillboard


How do I get positive with the Clades? I thought they shoot first and don’t bother to ask?

The issue is that both Triglavian and Edencom forces have Minor Victory systems in high sec - it’s dangerous to be positive to one and not the the other. Although as you say, Trigs will shoot you at neutral standing, but at least Edencom will leave you alone at neutral.

You can set your Route planning to Avoid these systems, or follow the guide to set your standings to positive with both Trigs and Edencom:


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