Final Liminality

So, what will happen with these systems? Are they stay in this status forever? Or the trigs will leave New Eden at some point?

And why don’t we have the option to push null and lowsec to higher security?

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What makes you think us players have the answers to that? Alternatively, what makes you think CCP will “ruin the surprise” and tell us all this up front?

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Well, someone might have seen a clue form CCP.

But the question is not just for the players, maybe we get some info from CCP.

Everything we know is already posted in this forum, in the various previous threads about the event.

CCP: we are developing the content for those systems right now.

This is what we know, and it’s more than expected after the initial statements that nothing will come after final.


I won’t read through thousands of messages.

they will build a dyson sphere around the sun
achieve unlimited power
build a gigantic industry
provide pilots with free ships
all will rejoice
sever will close in 2 weeks

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You could use the search feature on those threads for CCP posts - you don’t have to read everything.

There’s a lot of information that can act as clues, despite the lack of actual solid knowledge:

We know the Trigs have been modifying spacetime in Invaded systems since Chapter 1, and began to manipulate stars in Chapter 2, using their stellar accelerators - which have a description that supports what I & many others believe is their endgoal:

Quantum interactions similar to Triglavian space-time filament and conduit technology have been detected, and it is possible that the Collective are engaged in an effort to “weave” the star’s gravity well into their conduit network. The prospect of the Triglavians incorporating the system into their domains cannot be ruled out and merits forceful counter-action by New Eden’s defenders.

Chapter 3 brings the harvesting of stars for an unclear purpose, but we know that the Trigs:
– Lived in the Abyss safely for a long time
– Are no linger safe there
– Have said that those who prove themselves will be invited to the “Domain of Bujan”
– Are targeting Blue and Yellow stars - Blue stars are the only source of Isogen-5
– Isogen-5 is the requisite material to generate wormholes & other spacetime deformations

So I’m betting the end result of these invasions will be these systems becoming connected to “Triglavian space” deep in the Abyss, using the stars as a gateway - heck, just look at the Chapter 3 promo image, where you can see a modified star, a gate on top of it, and Triglavian ships and an abyssal crystalline mass coming through.


Read the other topics on the subject.

There will be cake of course!


Dark chocolate…mmm…
Liminality Cake :yum:


Nice summary, thanks!


Yes, plenty actually.

  • All captured systems on both sides are going to stay as they are for the foreseeable future.
  • The NPE will eventually be built around the invasion.
  • Some triglavian systems thus will, eventually, become starter systems for new players who wish to start in this faction.

It is as of yet undetermined if they will spread further from the initially captured systems.

This is based on everything I’ve gathered so far,
based on information found in hoboleaks,
spanning many months.

I sure hope they stay this way, maybe make them actual low/nullsec

I hope not, currently all finals are dead systems, neither relevant for PvE nor PvP, just for sightseeing the Abyss environment. Keeping them as they are would be the worst possible outcome (except for Niarja of course).

CCP doesn’t even know. It’s literally a day-to-day thing for them. They have no plan.

Thank you dude!

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Maybe these system, with the harvested star’s wormhole intent are going to lead to the new quadrant?

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Edit 1 minute later:
Plus, as a bonus, we can now show players how to run EVE data on a IBM XT with an Hercules video card.
No more loading wait time or required interpretation of data to delay and make previous work incompatible with the game as part of the game, as if some kind of Regional Market secret.

Release date March 8, 1983; 37 years ago
Discontinued April 1987
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