Promised Land - Trig Invasion

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I was under the obviously mistaken impression that once a Trig invasion happened and it was either won or lost (by the relevant side) the outcome was final for that system. Yet, today, Promised Land, a lowsec system in Genesis is a stellar recon system for the second time.

It was a stellar recon system back in June.

So my question is this: are all systems that are not either Final Liminalities or Edencom Fortresses open to a secondary wave of Trig invasion?



That sucks, it’s like a virus you can get more than once.


Yes, they can get invaded again. Only Final Liminality systems and Edencom Fortresses are locked.


Second. Third. Fourth. Unless it goes Final or Fortress, an eligible system can flip back and forth, and even end up back in a ‘neutral’ state if a subsequent recon stage ends with neither side holding enough influence to take it to minor victory.

Edit to add: the ‘Massive EDENCOM Fortification’, for example, occurs when an EDENCOM Minor Victory system goes through Stellar Recon a second time and ends up back in EDENCOM control again, based on what I have read.

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Sorry if this is off-topic but can someone give me a quick rundown of these Triglavian sites? I’ve noticed the rats can almost catch me when I’m in a Frigate. Do I want to be more mindful when I’m travelling in something a little slower?

Are these Triglavian sites kind of like the Sansha Incursion stuff?

You want to be mindful whenever interacting with Trig Invasions.

I believe he is affectionately referred to as “Steve”. Whatever. The Trig guns are no joke.

Plus, to confuse matters further, CCP has been reluctant to explain any of the mechanics and goals of this PVE creation. And, they have been “iterating” on the content. If you search the forums you’ll see a wave of discontent over the recent change to standings involving the Trigs. So, you have to be mindful that today’s “rules” governing interaction with this content may not apply tomorrow.

This is one of the most useful sites I’ve found for keeping up with what’s happening, as it pertains to travel, since ingame route planning is somewhat “lagging” in collecting useful information for trip planning.

Just bear in mind CCP wants players to make a choice in regards to the invasion content; and, intend that choice to have consequences for the player, unfortunately they’ve not clearly defined what the consequences are, and they have changed some of the “consequences” already, so tread lightly, any decision you make as far as supporting one side or the other may come back and “bite” you.



But the consequences are visible. Maybe not entirely in UI, but if you go to that minor victory system, or fortress, or final liminality system.

I was thinking in terms of what finally happens with the final liminality systems, surely CCP won’t leave them as they are now. Its seems a lot of trouble on CCP’s part to just change the color of a star, and also what happens when this npc conflict ends? Will Trig supporters be shot everywhere in Empire space? Will there be treaties guaranteeing safe passage, or will the gun platforms continue to fire upon pilots with negative standings to that side in the conflict? Will highsec space be carved up into smaller chunks as an aftermath of this conflict, and if so, what are the consequences of that? Will some systems simply “disappear”?

My understanding is no one knows.

That is the type of “consequence” to which I was referring. As I understand it, at this point no player knows where this npc story will end, or precisely when it will end, and if it ends with a bang or not.

So, yes, you are quite right the “immediate” consequences are known, but as I mentioned, and CCP demonstrated this week with the standings change, no player at this point can guess the “lasting” consequences of their actions, and the cumulative effect of the actions and or inaction of the player base at large in this npc storyline.

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When CCP will see its damaging for their income. If it will bring them more money, they will run it forever. They can see stats and what people do, how much they play, how much they spend.

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