Thoughts on Triglavian Invasion

After seeing the Scope video and looking at all the systems in Final Liminality I figure all of those systems will eventually be removed from the game. None of them are on any travel path, except for possibly the one in Black Rise, but only for people moving from lo to hi and there is a work around even there. Most of them are dead end systems with only 1 gate. The lore will probably be something about gates and wormholes not working in those systems.

And what with all the assets traped? GM’s will move them to next system?
Normal gates will go down but trigs will make own gates and this probably will be trigs space.

:red_circle: Raravoss is on a travel path as well and turned a high sec area in Bleak Lands into a locked out island. Not to mention that major travel systems like Uedama, Niarja, Sirppala, Sivala among many others are at extremely high risk of going Loominal as well. Not to mention that they do not even have to go Loominal; Minor Victories are equally dangerous.

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