Hypothesis About Invasions III (and suggestion if my hypothesis is right)

I hypothesize that all systems that have a blue star would be invaded, and contested to either Final Liminality or EDENCOM Fortress. This would split New Eden into many islands.

This means that logistics would be more of a nightmare than it is now, with trig low/nulls all around the path. This would mean we would have so much destruction that we cannot actually progress, therefore dissatisfying us. (Or we stay in one of the islands, which is equally bad). It will mean “highsec” would become an adjective of a system instead of a noun of the group of systems where we travel with little fear.

The idea though would be quite good. I propose something: We would be able to enter abyssal deadspace (but not the ones you do in gilas, but a “mirror” of New Eden, including systems and stars and all that). We would be able to get blueprints of a “filament” to abyssal deadspace from Trig LP or wrecks of Trig ships. We would be able to then use these filaments to enter a system in Abyssal deadspace, and the filament turns into a filament from any point in Abyssal deadspace back into the system the guy came from.

For example, we would have a filament called “Filament to ©†ˆø†ª¶∞” which would travel people to that system in abyssal deadspace, and if someone uses that filament inside Jita, it would create a “Filament to Jita” which could be used in any point in abyssal deadspace to go to Jita. This would allow people to travel from one island to another, while still meaning the travel is limited (as the initial filament has to be created in the other system and transported to this system).

My suggestion needs a lot of improvements (maybe jump timers, or that filaments to real space can only be used inside certain systems in deadspace etc), but maybe, just maybe.

P.S. We can make deadspace “shadow New Eden” with races and new content and all that.

Final liminality systems are still high sec. That’s very important, because it defines how the system behaves mechanically. All that is missing from a final liminality system is the Concord response.

Yes it means potentially there will be a nullsec-lite system on some major routes. It does not necessarily create a lot of high sec islands.

If you want to protect a system, go fight in it.

There’s no way they’re implementing this change and then giving you a super cheesy way to just completely avoid having to deal with it. Final liminality systems are part of the game now. You’re going to need to adapt.

Maybe you’ll need to buy and sell your stuff somewhere other than Jita.

Not necessarily a bad thing IMO. But there is no suggestion that this is permanent, for e.g. the Emerging Conduits have gone away. Logistics (proper not repair thingy) is core to the game, just think of this as Space Weather ™ and adapt, if it rains then you wear a hat, simple really.

You can bypass the systems by taking a longer route. If that’s not possible, then make like a null player and get into jump freighters.

If this does change the hisec landscape it’s only a minor problem to solve - there are many ways to adapt to it.

I see more of a problem for the Casual gamers like me. Get in a Jumpf freighter ist good, but do you think everey player have te ressources to buy one?

The other thing is, permanent incursions took a lot of the diversity of the game for cg´s most of them sit in 0.0 with the stuff they afford to loos.
The rest and a possible Backup is in highsec.
If you have a famely and work there are always times you can´t play as long as you want.
And if you can´t log in for example 2 or 3 weeks beacuase you have to decide what is more important, for you ,
youre rl or the game most of us take the rl.

Bevore this patch you always have as cg a way to go on with the game if something happens in the time you can´t play. But now the updates removes this option to hold youre Stuff in a save space.

The next problem it takes a lot of flexibility if you prefer to do differnt things.
I have for example my PVP stuff in 0.0. My backup if somethings happens in the time i work on a projekt in rl or have to spend time with my wife and family or other rl stuff.

With this update all the options are gone. Now you have to decide stay only in 0.0 and minize the time in rl or stop to play.
And sorry i love the game so much but i love my wive, my faily, my workingplace and my rl more.

For me the biggest problem of this update it forces you to log in if it collides with youre rl or not.
This schould be no problem for a single for exmple with flexible work time or unemployed.

But for someone with a job woh takes a lot, a wife and kids it is a big problem.

(I also just got an idea where bigger/heavier ships need and produce more filaments)

TBH I’m fighting for the trigs. It’s a really interesting idea having nullsec systems throughout highsec systems and it really affects the gameplay. But here’s the thing, because you’d need the same number of filaments to enter and exit a ship, you can only travel to another system with this mechanic if someone throws away a big/heavy ship on the other side into abyssal (maybe they live there like in a wormhole) and never brings it out.

For example, someone creating filaments out to Jita might throw away a heavy ship to abyssal, put all the filaments inside abyssal, bring in a lighter hauler (which would also be difficult as abyssal is dangerous), take all the filaments, then buy an abyssal out to for example Amarr, then travel out. This is expensive (you’ll need large/heavy ship to throw away) and dangerous (because abyssal deadspace has roaming entities that kill you).

I’m suggesting about 1/4 of the ship price for a trip to abyssal and back, for example, filament in price=2.5 mil for a vexor. (because the filament out price gets cancelled out). (Also this means people need a lot of isk to move titans in it.)

Yes. And having to adapt is good. This change is good, but everything needs balance. This is too easy for the pirates just camping trade route gates. Now, they might have to camp abyssal deadspace as well (maybe if you can only jump in several systems in abyssal deadspace if you’re hauling filaments out it would make hauling these filaments harder).

That’s actually going to make it really bothersome… imagine having to go several places just to fit your ship… Without actual meaning it just gets boring.

I hadn’t looked at the map for the blue stars yet, but they probably would split New Eden into two, three, or several islands.

It’s all BS unless Jita or at least one of the major pipeline systems gets limmed.

No you’ll just go to Amarr, Dodixie, Rens, or Hek. Whichever one is closest.

It could happen to Niarja.

Really struggling to understand most of what you’ve written but there’s nothing about final liminality systems so far that impacts high sec gameplay at all, except you might have to pick a slightly different route or get a new mission agent.

My hypothesis is that the final liminality would stay ns forever.

So what? All it does is change some of the high sec routes and move some agents. What do you imagine you’re actually losing here? A few jumps here and there.

It’s a few extra jumps on some journeys, and maybe you have to find a new mission agent if you were using one in that system and maybe you’ll shop at Amarr instead of Jita?

Imagine if uedama is now nullsec. You’d end up with 30 jumps of hauling to avoid uedama. Trust me, if the major pipes are blocked then we would have 50 jump routes from one highsec to another, or inaccessible routes.

Has it occurred to you that maybe this is exactly the effect the invasion is designed to achieve?

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I think you missunderstood me a little. I dont think it is a problem if a System gets invaded. If it is invaded for a specified amout of time it, would no problem for all the casual players. That you have to change youre route is no problem too.
I think the only problem is that the systems are mermanent invaded, i play for a long time and bevore the patch i had for example 3 Mission Hubs with multible ships and a jump clone on everey Station.
Do do for example 1 or 2 days a 0.0 Holiday if it´s getting boring there.
Most of the station had multible Marouders. That is no longer available because if you go for example 2 days offline all the stuff is lost.
Then i had a Blueprintstation on the jump in point to my 0.0 with the Blueprints to copy for the 0.0 production and a lot of Backupships for 0.0.
And in 0.0 all the pvp ships and one or 2 Pve ships.
As casual player you had the option to stay a time offline, if something happens now in 0.0 in this time you loos for example 20 b Ships and have still 200 b Backup and a way of income (Missionhubs) to get back.
But now you are forced to go evereday online, and that could be hard for people with my rl style.
Sometimes i can play 15 h a day and sometimes i cant go online for 2 weeks beacuase of rl.
If the canges would not permantent, i would play like bevore. If a system is invaded for example a month i can wait or join fight if nothing is to do in 0.0. But now i am forced to move all the backup in 0.0 or cash it out and hope nothing happens if i work for a project in rl.
And the next problem for me is i enjoed the diversity of the game. For example if i am tired and had one h time. I can jump in my high sec clone and fly some level 3 missions. And jump the next day back if i have one of the 15h days and do only pvp. The game is still playable but it takes a lot more time to do the same stuff. And this is the dead for a casual player.
You can now stack your stuff in Jita as casual player. But if i need one ship i have to do nearly 30 Jumps from my 0.0 and 30 back. Bevor from my saving station 2.
Same if you want to do a mission. Jita - mission Hub 28 Jumps for my 2 Mission Ships 112 jumps per char to do the same what takes me bevor 20 sek with the jumpclone.
After this i have to waste the same amount of time to get the stuff save.
The update is nice for the most of the power players, who prefer chas than hold there stuff, but a disaster for most of the casual players and only because the changes are permanent.
Excuse me but this update takes the most fun of the game for me
I have atm round about 1 to 2 h per day to play, and all i can do is hauling my stuff togehter and hope that my jump in system is not invaded.
I wuld i prefer more to explore the new expansion, or do pvp and help my ally than stupid hauling.
Last week i had a long weekend 4 days 2 of the days my wive was working and all i doo was hauling evereyday for 12 h, and 4h on the 2 other days and i have still not half of my stuff togehter
I hope you understand that it pisses me off if a game forces me to do things linke this because of a playstyle the implimented since all the years i played.

Quick - revert Eve to what it was 17 years ago, because CHANGE IS BAD !!! m’kay ??

Not bad, but the changes make for a part of the players a big problem to stay in the game. Because it takes the option to stay offline for a amount of time and use, the time you have in the game. Is this so difficult to understand, that not evereybody can play evereyday? All the other updates take for example options from you and give you some other options.
But they never touch the basic option of a save place wehre you go save for a longer time, if you need the time in RL.

Im not sure that’s what a hypothesis is.

No you aren’t. What change is forcing this?
Your stuff is as safe as it always was in an NPC station. You can remove your ships from an invaded system. It’s not nullsec. It’s high sec without a concord response. You just have to pay attention when you undock. Re-dock before your safety timer if you need to. Warping you’re zero on a gate is as safe as it always was. If the station is camped, re-dock. If the station ain’t camped warp to gate and leave. What’s the issue?

Nope it takes exactly the same time right now. Even if (IF) some major routes change it only adds a little time to some journeys. And you don’t have to go to Jita. You already have jump clones. This isn’t really a problem.

Except this is not a real thing. Raravoss is not on a major route and Vale is a dead end system. You can still jump clone. Why would you fly your mission ships to Jita? I don’t think this makes sense. Your jump clones still work. What’s the problem here?

This update hasn’t even changed the game one iota for you.

  • Your ships aren’t less safe if they happen to be in an invasion system.
  • If they are in an invasion system most invasions last a day or two and then they’re over.
  • Even if the Triglavians win the system most of them remain high sec.
  • The small percentage of systems that become final liminality might change some trade routes.
  • Go to one of the other major trade hubs.
  • The invaded systems are not nullsec. This is important.

I don’t think you’re playing the same update, honestly.

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I think this will be a little different, if a system gets invaded and there are a lot of mission ships or other stuff the Station will be camped by players 24/7 like the saving stations. We lost for example space in a time wehre i cant´t go online my 0.0 was moved to misaba. And as i say the stuff is lost. You have a Station camp 24/7. Wee needed at least 40 pp to get a small amount
of the stuff out.

The idea that a station will be camped around the clock is patently ridiculous.

Asset safety in nullsec has not been changed. Unless you’re referring to structure abandonment. A destroyed structure that isn’t abandoned still has asset safety. Don’t leave things in a nullsec station you can’t handle losing. Nothing is permanent in Eve, and if you need a long period away you can asset safety your stuff before you log out.

But a 24/7 station camp? No there’s no basis for this. Your fear is irrational. Tell you what. Check if your mission systems even have blue stars. If they do, move your stuff now. Safety assured.