Raravoss Falls, Security reduced from 0.6 to 0.3


First Liminality acheived.


I take back most of the bad things I said about this event! GOOOOOOO ZORYA!


Now take that 5bil and get back into the sandbox and fight.

Now if this had just been part of faction warfare instead of some lame NPC invasion…


Question - If a system can fall in security status, why can’t it increase if is “saved”?

IIRC, Abha(?) was a 0.4 sec and never increased even tho it achieved Fortress status. There can be a few lore reasons why and why not, but for game play it seems like fair is fair, it should swing high or low depending on who wins.


Well, time to cross Raravoss off the list of places I can travel to.

Glad to see you admit you were wrong. :slight_smile:

well if your reason to go there was for ice…then it would behoove you to start fighting for it…cause i heard 50% of all HS ice systems were in the category that Raravoss is in.

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Ventures in belts trying to mine veldspar whilst gangs of proteus and damaviks brawl around them…


The semi afk rattler that gets blown up being shortly followed by the MTU that scooped the bling mods is a particular highlight.


Does this mean we can now use Smart Bombs without going criminal?

sure why not

my question right now…is though you can not cyno in caps or use the gates…can you do indy and build them in there now?

The system could be reclaimed and the build time way too long.

Cause you heard? It must be true then.

Just check the type of star in system where you would be mining that ice.

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well the evidence so far seems to be born true…

Blue stars can go to the trigs, maybe you should read intelligence reports more often.


Nah. I’ll just go by “what I hear”. That seems to be the current metric for finding info here.

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Well then you seem to be an actual carebear, I am not going to give you links or anything, I am not going to hold your hand.

Go look for the information yourself lazy ass.

You are wrong. Cause I heard 50% of all players think it’s you that’s the carebear.

So it must be true.


:red_circle: Ignoring all the useless chatter: can you now freely attack capsuleers in this system?