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Still one of the better threads of this week.

Since the thread is still open:

Trump has been compromised by Putin.

Just makin’ sure everybody knows! Have a good one! :wink:

Damn. 8 hours later, and the thread is still open.

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This thread has no structures. It can behave as it wishes with impunity.

While I’m here… Im just gonna say this.

Game of the year… God of War!!!

You guys just wanna make the thread about something at this point?

I like cheese cake. Is that considered content?

How is this for cheesecake?

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Cheesecake is holy, bow before its goodness.

Jonah, I’ve been thinking and perhaps you know.

If I join a Corp and drop a structure in a wormhole… do they have any way to get rid of it?

Haven’t played in a while, but it would provide an interesting “leverage” mechanic if I could compel actions through the donation of a hard to find structure…

You can’t anchor any structure unless you get roles to do so (I believe the role is called Starbase Technician or something similar).

The alternate method (for now) would be to anchor a structure with your own corp and “transfer ownership” to your target corp. Following the upcoming wardec nerf, you will no longer be able to do this unless they have turned on “accept structure transfers” for their corp. It will be set to reject transfers by default.

In the event that you succeed either in anchoring or giving it, they can get rid of it in one of two ways - transfering it to another corp (they can’t do this under wardec) or unanchoring it. I don’t think that they can unanchor it remotely, but I may be wrong. Also, you can reset the 7 day unanchoring timer by shooting at it. So you definitely can prevent a corp from getting rid of their structures.

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