Anchoring structures - restricting corporations joining from deploying


My corporation is looking at joining a PVE Alliance which is keen to maintain its illegal war dec status, one of the things they are worried about is that if I join could i potentially anchor a structure and flip the war dec status to legal and then in turn cause us to be war dec’d.

I have been looking into the mechanic and time lines and i haven’t been able to find a flat “DENY” option anyway that the alliance owning corporation can enable.

Welcome any info on this


There isn’t one. The CEO has full control over deploying a structure and there is nothing the alliance can do to stop that.

That said, the alliance will immediately be notified if you do and can kick your corp and the structure from the alliance. So I am not sure why they are worried about letting you join.

Thanks for the reply

So in short, if someone started anchoring which i think takes 24 hours, they have that time to kick them out of the Alliance.

The war would end within 24 hours even if it managed to get that far as the Alliance wouldn’t have any anchorable strucutres?

Chaotic Justice Alliance would let you Anchor a Structure. Just Say’n :slight_smile:

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