New Guy trying to understand a corp

So, I am new as new gets, 3 days old. I also am not very patient so I bought some plex and me and a buddy started a corp. I was dis-appointed to find out I have to wait 7 days to anchor a citadel. Is there a way to get this waived. Would love if I could. Thanks for the help


No unfortunately that’s a real thing. 7 days to anchor structures or join FW. Welcome to Eve though :purple_heart: good luck to you and your friend :slightly_smiling_face:

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It’s a PVP game, allows war declarations, stealing from the corp hangars and corp wallets, shooting corp mates, all sorts of shady behavior. The timers are there to prevent exploits / war avoidance.

I’d advice against plexing your wallet and then starting a corp with assets in toe. You seriously need to take the time to learn the game, or you’ll just get wardecced and then lose everything you own. EVE punishes those who do not think things through, it’ll take you about a year to get confident playing EVE, and that’s if you no life it like I did.

Be very careful, might also be worth deleting this post, as wardeccers may read it and see an easy mark.

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Welcome to Eve

Eve is not a game for the impatient! As a new player, you are on the steep edge of the learning curve and the instruction manual for Eve is between the ears of more experienced players - some of whom have been playing this game for a dozen years or more. PLEX will let you buy ships and skill injectors for your character but player skill and knowledge takes time.

I recommend that you set your personal corp aside and join an established new player corp like for a few months to learn the game before branching out on your own.

Good luck!


Welcome in New Eden.

So far you made one major thing right: You asked.
Keep that up!

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Welcome :slight_smile:

It’s going to be a bumpy ride :parrotmustache:

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