POS 7day wait for new corp?

Game built on building and destroying things and we need to wait 7 days to anchor a structure?

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This is to prevent people from avoiding wars in highsec.

You have 24 hours notice once a wardec happens. That’s enough time to pull down a POS, close your corp, re-make it under a different name, and put your POS back up.

In a game built on building and destroying things, it’d be pretty lame to be able to avoid conflict altogether.



I’m just trying to understand the mechanic of the 7 day wait.

You said it’s to prevent wars in highsec but with 24hour notice which is enough time to pull down the pos according to you. So the issue isn’t POS’s if I read your comment correctly. The issue is leaving the corp and creating a new one.

Avoiding conflict altogether – I thought that’s why we have alts?

again because people would jump form a corp to avoid the war dec. this is give you a consequence so you can’t just ditch your corp the moment you are dec’d and make a new one.

He explained it fine.

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You could always anchor it in low or nullsec. Plenty of lowsec alliances are willing to rent you a moon for a reasonable rate. Wardec mechanics only apply to high sec and high sec is only a fraction of the EVE universe. Take the plunge!

Upwell structures can be anchored at any time, there is no wait time for newly founded corps. Forget about POS and legacy mechanics, they will be removed from the game anyway soon.

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