Returning Player - Question about upwell

I have read a bit around the internet and have a question hopefully someone could answer about Upwells in Eve.

I am a returning player and last time I was in EVE, oh around 2016.

Let me explain why I might need an upwell like an Athanor. I mine with a fleet in a system without a station in hi-sec. Now before I would have set up a medium-size pos in the system to store ships etc.

So do I really need an upwell or should I stick with a POS?

The one concern I have about upwell is a war dec and 7 days before I could remove it anyway around this?

Any help appreciated

If you want to reprocess or compress your ore for further processing or transport, you need an Athanor.

If you drop a POS, you become wardecable, too. The only way around is to use a different corp to drop the structure so that your miners remain wardec immune. You will lose the structure but you can still use your miners.

Replies appreciated