What are all these new stations and Mobil depots in high sec?

just started playing again after 4 years. I see all these weird stations in high sec and they are taking up to much room on my overview. Are they player owed? I tried googling it and cant find the answer. Before I take them off my overview I would like to know what they are. Just found out what they always happens after I post. :slight_smile: But what good are they in high sec, we already have stations why all these player owned?

Do you know POS? Upwell structures are the successor concept. POS will be removed soon.

They offer a lot of benefits compared to NPC stations. Tethering (no docking games), clone switch without cooldown, cheap broker fees for trade (CCP increased fees on NPC stations by factor 5), ME/TE bonuses for manufacturing, moon mining, etc.

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If youโ€™re involved in industry, the new structures are very important since they provide significant bonuses compared to NPC stations (comparable to the old POS as @Tipa_Riot mentioned but a lot more convenient to work in). If you donโ€™t care about industry you can easily remove the player owned structures from your overview - or give them their own tab (you now have 8 overview tabs).

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