War Question: Transfer of Upwell from defender to aggressor

As the title suggests, is it possible currently in High Sec for a war defender to transfer an owned Upwell structure to the aggressor ? Either as part of a surrender or just transfer?
Many thanks in advance.

As long as the war runs you cannot transfer structures. Surrender only allows isk payments.

One way you could address your problem would be find a third party both sides trust, and use them to hold an isk bond.
Then the war can end and the structure be transferred.
Failure means the 3rd party pays the bond, transfer means they return it.

Move your assets using a dummy corp so they cant shoot your cargo ships. If possible pull all structure fittings and move them. Then have the corp that owns the structure transfer to the dummy corp. You will have to leave one alt to hold corp with structure. Let the aggressors blow up the structure then just starve out the wardec.

May be possible to transfer a structure before the wardec is active for next time.

If you are in a larger corp and none of this is possible I am sorry.

I have a corp of one with many. During the old rules before the structure requirement. I just pulled my active characters out of the corp till the wardec was over.

Same can be done now with a small corp, I’m just not sure about transfering the structure between the time you are notified of a wardec and the time it is active.

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