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I started Eve a little over a month ago and to accelerate my learning I went to Twitch to watch streamers. Came across a new streamer who was mining, which is what I wanted to learn about first. Long story short, the guy got mad from a wardeck, broke Twitch TOS and was banned from both Twitch and Eve. His last act before going completely off the grid (he rage quit and won’t respond to anyone’s messages in discord) was to make me CEO.

So here I am with a citadel and refinery going to eventually be destroyed. Someone has offered to setup a holding company and to transfer the structures there, but can we transfer during a war and why wouldn’t the war just follow?

Any advice on what to do here?

You can’t transfer ownership during a war. You can transfer all assets of the corp to yourself. you may be able to repackage service modules and remove any fuel. You can then use asset safety to transfer all this stuff to an NPC station and leave the structures to their fate. Maybe offer to sell them to the attackers!

I figured as much. Not sure why people are recommending transfer assets to a holding corp if you can’t do it.

If you are a miner in a corp that holds a citadel - that means that during war you are a valid target as well. If citadel is in holder corp, then while wardeccers can still destroy it your mining ships in space are safe. You were probably just given a general advice.

In any case “somebody offered to setup a holder corp” is synonymous to “somebody offered to steal your citadel”, imo.


Calculate how much the total value of corp assets is and offer to sell the corp to one of the corp officers for 85% of that value. They are more likely to be emotionally invested in the corp enough that one might buy the corp from you. Let someone else deal with all the citadel faff.

Just don’t give up control of assets until you get isk for them.

Then you could send me a standard 5% facilitator share for making you so much isk if you wanted.


You used to be able to join an alliance (who will inherit the war) and transfer a structure to another corp in the alliance. Not sure if this was patched out during the Wardec revamps, though. I’ll see what I can find out…

Oh, hi Mark! That’s a very funny story about how you came into ownership of your very own Eve Online corporation, with assets, to boot!

It reminds me of that episode of The Simpsons, in which Bart buys a warehouse at auction for $1.

Such an “Eve Online” story you’re living right now! I love it. This is what the game is all about. If you still need help, send me a message in-game, and I will see what’s up. I don’t know what you might need - you’ve found yourself in an interesting situation - but I have a blockade runner that can safely (and invisibly) transport anything you want to save into a better place.

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It’s definitely interesting and I’m having to read a lot. Part of the problem is that the owner has all of the shares so if he is permabanned (not sure how to find out) then we’ll never get control of the Corp. But I suppose we could create our own new Corp and transfer assets to there. Still not sure how to deal with the war though.

For the assets in cargo, I put them in asset safety right away not sure what else to do beyond that right now.

I’m thinking the structures will just be destroyed (cause we can’t pay the ransom and don’t really want to cause they’ll surely come back). I don’t like giving them to some holding Corp and losing it all, either.

I’d do that but the Corp had just started and looks to have 5-6 active users, mostly newbros. No one has that cash outside of the founder.

Please let me know if there is something I can do. I’d love to help your cause.

Outside of asset management, are you actively working on anything else? Are the 5 or 6 members you mentioned active? If so, what are you all doing now? Where are you located? Answer only what you can/should.

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You have two options. One is top-down, renegotiation of your position. The other is bottom-up, scorched earth policy. I suggest you implement both, simultaneously.

Top down. Advise attackers that corp is under new management and you are open to negotiation. Make your position stronger by first booting previous CEO from corps, if they have not already left. That will show up on their profile and make your position stronger.

If the wardec was more business than personal ie they just do not want competitors in “their” system, your position is still weak and your options much more limited. For example, you can offer to close any public facilities, and make it corps-only, if that is what their beef was. Or, you can offer to sell (give) them refinery but keep citadel, or vice versa. If they will not accept any of that, you are stuffed. In which case, go to Plan B.

Plan B starts with booting everyone from corps. The structures are going down anyway, so you want to maximise recovery for you, and limit gain for attackers. (I am assuming here that corps only has the two structures?). So, at this stage, everyone out. All assets out.

Any rigs are obviously sunk. And chances are that once a structure has been reinforced all the modules are sunk too (you usually cant remove them after reinforcement). If they have only reinforced one structure then strip the fittings from the other. one. RIGHT NOW. You dont have to move them (yet). Simply unfit and put into structure inventory. After that, you don’t have to do a thing.

If you can move all of the “liquid” assets, fine. If you can’t, they will be moved for you - eventually - under asset safety, but you will have to pay a % to get them back. But, because you got them for nothing, you wont care., as you will be net better off. Plus, that is another reason for booting everyone else, RIGHT NOW. You get corps isk which might possibly be enough to pay to redeem the assets afterwards.

After the dust has settled, if you wanted to distribute all the net assets back amongst your previous corp mates, that is up to you. But at this stage, play hard ball.


PS. Not sure you even have those.

Just visited. Your astrahus is reinforced to structure and now vulnerable again in three days. You appear to have left this a little late.

I couldnt find your refinery and it did not appear on killboard. So, back to Plan B. Strip the athanor of all fittings and ship these and any other assets out. DO NOT put them in asset safety. (Why pay tax to redeem them later if you dont need to?) And then unanchor the thing. Takes a week, and if it is hit before then the countdown stops, but, you might just get lucky.

Plan C might now be to just fight back. Hog Hit Men have 23 current or pending wars. Cant “the 23” of you get enough isk/people together to at least make a stand at someone’s structure?!


eve is the only mmo i know where such history can happen. Enjoy it. No epic quest with npcs telling you that you have a destiny to accomplish, and ask you to collect 10 wooden pieces /to kill 10 wolves/ to defeat the boss in the Galamadriabuyak Tower, and congratulate you. Welcome to eve, a game where most conflicts occur due to human emotions or desire.

Given the unique situation there may be room for peace and to end the war if I can negotiate successfully. This is good as it will solve one problem. Although there will be new problems. I of course, just want to play the game and enjoy it. Thanks all for the help!

I’m surprised no one has said this yet, but this seems like a horrible person to try and learn from.


#prepare lube

well u prolly gone lose that citadel, take what you can, learn how to do some pvp; and enjoy the game :slight_smile:

LMAO at ragequitters.

I would rob everything and sell on the market for profit.

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