Assets belonging to inactive players

Hi I was for a while recently a CEO of my own corp. Things seemed to be going well for a while and I recruited a few members. Then they all stopped logging in and I was left as the sole active member.

One member had a Athanor and I was left paying its fuel bill, I decided I’d had enough of paying fuel for a structure I was not using and so took it down. I put the Athanor, it’s core and services as well as all the fuel into a contract to the player that owned it. I’ve since then closed the corp and joined a friends corp.

The contract is less than 24 hours from timing out, I’ve sent mails to the player all remain unanswered.

My question is, how long should I wait to return their assets? Would you wait if you were in my shoes? I am tempted to sell it and put the ISK towards a Golem.


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No, unless you dont forsee being able to replace it for them at a later date.

Take it?

unless he asked you to look after it for him, consider it yours for taking care of it for so long.

As a matter of fact, I would have let it go abandoned pop it and see what falls out.


Personally I think you should just keep it in case it’s needed for future use. Be much better to have it readily available and waiting in assets than having to change what you’re doing to work on acquiring another one.

Course if you really truly do need the ISK, then go ahead and sell it.

One option, if you’re determined to return that player’s assets, would be to deliver it to them directly in any upwell structure. If you trust that the structure won’t go abandoned (And that CCP won’t change the rules on that in the future) then the worst that is likely to happen is that when the player logs back in they find their stuff in asset safety.

You could find someone taking down a structure and deliver it there to throw it into asset safety intentionally and it should be safe there indefinitely, though it would cost ISK to retrieve it.

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Good idea.

Never sell anything, you’ll just end up buying it again later.

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all that stuff is yours now … have fun …


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Seems like a moral question to me. Personally, I’d throw their assets in a container with their name on it, and hold on to it forever. But I wouldn’t fault someone if they sold off something that I failed to deal with after making a reasonable effort to return it to me (which seems to be your situation).

Do note, however, that I wouldn’t deliver it in a structure I didn’t control. No telling if or when the owner might return, and a lot can change over a few years. After all, that structure you trust today might become abandoned a few years down the line. As far as I’m concerned, a better option is to sell the structure and send the dude the isk.


You’re a nicer person than I am. I would’ve sold everything the next day, 250% profit.

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I pretty much agree with everything you said but this here seems to be the best option in making sure his old corp member get’s his ISK investment back.

You could contract it to me. :slight_smile:
It was launched as a corp asset, I’d say keep it or sell it.

Contract the Athanor to me, I run a charity for newbros who need an Athanor.



What’s the charity called

It’s the Princess Aiko Foundation.

Did you open that foundation because CODE imploded - at least that’s the rumor - ?
That’s what fatcats do to hide their money, they open a foundation, charitable of course, under a veneer of respectability while they’re dirtier than dirt and as greedy as Greed incarnate… just saying.


Nail and head come to mind here .

But yes what would one expect from …


Structures are expensive to keep up. If you have any ways to contact the guy (Discord, Eve Mail, etc). If he did not tell you, how long he will be away i would just sell it after 30 days or if his fuel was about to run out and it would have been shot anyways.
If he ever comes back, you can send him 200m to help him back into the game.

… a gangster :rofl:

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I say if you are being nice you make an effort to give them their stuff (which you did) and if they don’t respond after x days, months, years whatever (you decide your threshold) then the stuff is yours. I wouldn’t wait around forever wondering if the person is ever coming back. If they did come back I might (but not be obligated to) give them a token bit of ISK or something to help them out but not the whole value as they abandoned their stuff and had plenty of warning.