A corp mate comes back to Eve and wants his stuff back?


Just wanting to get peoples appinion about a situation.

I have a corp mate that quit EVE … before he left he gave me his assets (worth around 15b isk) … There was no mention on him returning to EVE and no mention of him loaning me his stuff.

A year later he’s decided to start playing EVE again and has messaged me wanting his stuff back.

Would you give him his stuff back or say you don’t have it anymore?

Just give it back, 15b is nothing.


Tell him you’ve spent it all on exotic dancers. :wink:


If he’s reasonable sure, if he’s whining and acting like a 5 year old then just point and laugh.


I wouldn’t give back anything


Use the Mr Epeen evaluation:

Does he know where you live IRL?

If yes - return the stuff
If no - ■■■■ 'em

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


yah depends if your really good friends with the guy. Long as he’s acting like an adult I would give it back to him. Or some of it.


If he gave it to you, you dont have to give it back, because its yours now. It was his decision to give it to you, and to return to EVE, knowing it may have been all lost, or you might have sold it and spend everything on exotic dancers like was mentioned earlier.

Really, you have no obligation.

Situation would be different if you only borowed it or he lend it to you.


im with @Nana_Skalski on this
its your stuff now
measure your situation in the game ATM and if you can give him a fat head start for gratitude
but you are not obligated

especially if he came with a atitute telling about his stuff etc
you can simply say
this is not how giving works bruh…

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He shouldn’t have given you anything if he thought he might come back. In his place I never would expect anything back. Even if he asked you to hold them in trust this is kind of absurd.

This really depends on your personal relationship. If he was a good friend I’d just be real with him and point out that you made use of those assets because they were your assets at the time. Don’t be a dick about it just be like, ‘hey man common. sorry.’

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Being a kind hearted soul, I would give his isk back at least.

That being said, did you make isk off what he gave you? Did that help you further your game? Was he a active player? Do you feel it’s worth the isk to have someone rejoin the game?


Key here might be the term “corp mate”. In that specific context, I would say yes, give at least some materials back. The caveats are as follows.

If they have not re-joined the corporation, I would feel less obliged to give them anyhting. But I would prob, as @MB_ThePhotographer said, give back the isk regardless. This assuming you still have that big a float as cash. if you invested it, including into SP or PLEX, then no. It is gone.

As with @Nana_Skalski and others, all other stuff is yours; mods, ships, everything.

The only specific thing I would be uncertain about if the assets included a structure. Say a rigged athanor or some such. Especially if it remains within the same corporation. Otherwise - TL;DR - cash yes, assets no.

Just tell him you lost it all in a boating accident.


asking for something back after a year is a dick move. he should know that.

if you’re good friends with the guy, i’d give it back. but otherwise, nope.

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I would base this off of three factors:

  1. Is he a good friend of mine or just “some guy?”
  2. Was he nice about asking for his stuff back, or was he a demanding jerk?
  3. Do you still have said stuff?

If he’s a good buddy of yours who asked nicely and you still have a good chunk of it, give it back.
If he’s just an acquaintance who demands his stuff back after you spent half of it, then he can go pound sand.


If it were me, I would give them their stuff back and add that act of magnanimity to my reputation, and let their actions leading up to that point be added to their reputation.

The question I would be asking myself is “What do I want to be known for doing in this situation?”

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there is a book about a holly man in the mountain
he lives is a monastery
there is a passage that is relevant to this topic
one day a woman give a full set of new clothes to the monks
every year she come back and talk about the clothes she gave, or inspect them , or judge how they are being used
the moral of the history is that the women didn’t really gave the clothes to the monks because she couldn’t let it go on her mind

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You obviously don’t give anything back. He gave it all away and now he has to start over. Hopefully it’ll teach him a valuable lesson.

So here’s what you need to decide.

Is this guy a good friend/someone you’d like to fly with again. If yes, then help a brother out. You don’t necessarily have to give everything back - it has been a year after all, but help him out with something.

If you don’t know him from Adam and don’t care then screw it.

What it boils down to is he GAVE you his stuff. He did not say “Hey watch my ■■■■ while i take a break” (which in Eve is stupid as ■■■■ anyway). He flat said Here take my ■■■■, I’m out. It’s your stuff now. Help him or don’t but you don’t owe him a damned thing.


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