A corp mate comes back to Eve and wants his stuff back?

I’m sure that makes perfect sense being steeped in the culture you were raised in, but it makes no sense to me.

Perhaps you could expand on what it is you are trying to convey.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

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I probably wouldn’t give it all back as I wouldn’t feel that I owed them anything. If someone “gives” you something it is now yours and they shouldn’t expect you to give it back or even have it after a long time.

That being said, if they were a friend I might give them a little something to get them started again.

If he knows where you live, best to give it back, if he does’nt know where you live, keep the stuff. :rofl: Black and white baby, black and white.

There was an alliance called Circle of Two.

One of the directors stole a lot of stuff and joined Goonswarm.

Alliance leader made some comments about how a traditional punishment for thieves in his culture is the removal of hands. He got banned for saying this.

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I don’t understand why other peoples opinion would help here.

It’s your stuff. Do what you want with it.

i have gotten used to the idea that people leave and come back sometimes years later. this explains why people sell everything and then sit on the isk. when they GIVE stuff away, they should consider it gone. Its not like you would reimburse for ships lost etc.

What would you want him to do if the situation were reversed?


I’m not giving anyone anything when I leave as I know it’s possible I may return.

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No, for a player who understands the game making back isk is very easy. Especially since he retained the skills. Unless he extracted them which would suck for him. But whats the difference between 1 billion and 30? You can only pilot 1 ship at a time…

if (Person.Niceness > 0.5)
} else {


1, Keep the assets. The money will get spent after a while. And you might make an enemy.

2, Give back the assets. Gain a friend that has lots of respect for you.

Your choice.

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You may wish to tell him that 15b value had changed due to hanger rental fees and that now he owes you ISk!

Sounds like fun personalized in-game content good ole’ EVE fashion style. :slight_smile:

Even outside of EVE that is doubtful how much of a friend and how respecting the guy will be, for all we know he might screw OP over a month or a year from now. :stuck_out_tongue:

So based on those two points I say the best course of action is to keep all of it and enjoy the content it generates if any. :wink: