Specifically To Solstice Projekt and Black Pedro

@Solstice_Projekt @Black_Pedro

I am still strongly in a mood not to log into Eve, and I am not certain if or when I would feel like doing so, however I do have some remaining assets that are going to waste.

These assets are in safety wraps of some sort or another and I am unable to determine exactly what they are. Some of my possessions are strictly of sentimental value. Pods of old friends, specific gifted ships, fireworks and lore items from ancient times, and things like that. I don’t want to risk giving away a meaningful item, so I’ll have to go to the hassle of getting these items out of those wraps so that I can sort out what I should keep on those grounds.

If at some point I feel motivated to do this, I would like to donate the remaining items to you if you are interested. I am just not sure to whom or to what they should be contracted. You can tell me here, or in an Eve-mail that I will read at some indefinite point in the future.

This may come as something of a surprise since our in game alignments are just about polar opposite. However, that I know of, you two are the only particularly interesting group left in Eve, and I’d want my stuff to be used for something atypical, or sold to finance some unique gameplay which seems to be your specialty.

I will not be able to move these items for you, and they are located in a variety of places. I don’t have money anymore and I can’t fly omega ships anymore, either. If you intend to play for a while, want some random stuff, and don’t mind the hassle, drop me a line when you can.


I wouldn’t give anything to Sol. He’s just gonna pawn it off to buy more paint cans to huff. And then he’ll keep coming back, like a semi-domesticated squirrel, for more handouts.


You do know you could just log in and evemail them or convo them directly even on an alpha account… right??

Like, you didn’t need to do some humblebrag, or whatever it is you are trying to accomplish, public forum post.

But hey, at least now there are 3 entities in Eve I have never heard of before, and will forget 3.5 seconds after I hit ‘Reply’ and go back to my imgur tab while here at work…


That’s quite decent and sporting of you, old girl.


You can use the Search tab in your Assets window to look inside the Asset Safety wraps remotely. But you must physically be in the station in order to take anything out.


I have tried that, but these do not give me any kind of drop down. I have previously been able to list them as you suggest, but not this time for some reason.


Hm. Wow?

All you need to do is telling us what we shouldn’t be touching and then we’re not going to touch it.
In case NPC stations can ever be destroyed rest assured that we’ll figure out a way of keeping our stuff safe anyway.
I already have solutions to this problem despite it not yet being a problem. lol

We’re also going to make sure to set some ISK aside for you, in case you decide to come back.

Either Black Pedro or … Solecist Project.
I’ll just throw her into a cage again if she touches your stuff in a funny way. :slight_smile:

I’m not really using this char in-game …
… because I’m not being active in Hek.

Well, it does come as a surprise, but not for that reason.
Over the last eleven years most people I knew were actually PvErs.

My first corpmate I’ve met at the FON station in Deltole …
… where we made our first corp and did lvl4s for more than six months …
… almost every single ■■■■■■■ day. :smiley:

I know who you are.
You’re a good person.

Far from the polar opposite. :slight_smile:

Thank you for the immense compliment! :smiley: I wish we would be playing more, to be honest. The current forced casual approach towards the game isn’t particularly fun or interesting, but we’ve been continuously growing our war chests and raising our Triglavian standings.

Thank you. :slight_smile:
Don’t really know what to say.

I just found this thread of yours.
Starlight Federation - Working for an Identity (still) - Corporations & Alliances / Recruitment Center - EVE Online Forums

That’s a great idea to have. I really like it … and can understand why no one responded to it. :smiley:
I like it! Sounds like we should have played together. Doesn’t mean you have to do any PvP.

Thank you for the thread, the shoutout, the compliment and all your words, insights and perspective you’ve shared with us.
I don’t like the fact that this reads like a good-bye post, so I’m cutting this now. :blush:

I’ve pinged this to my afro-mexican friend.
He’ll read it eventually.

Oh and because I just have to go off-topic for a bit …

What does “Qia Kare” actually mean?

Wait, Qia is leaving?

NNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo :frowning:



… oh.


BUT WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy :frowning:

aw :frowning:

Someone’s going to regret this! Nono, not you! Someone!

I don’t yet know who and he won’t be understanding what or why he’s regretting …
… but he’s going to regret it anyway!


What a festive thing to do


Have you ever considered doing something that is atypical, with regard to yourself, in EVE? I highly recommend it.

I’ve personally experienced a few people who, upon taking this advice, had a complete change of heart.

Unless you’re just really burned out, which is fine.

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I’m sad to see you bow out, I don’t even know you, but I feel like I do. After reading your post about an alliance for pilots flying by themselves on one account, no multiboxing…it’s what I’ve been doing since 2011.
Not always well. But I have fun, and lately I’ve been doing my best to “educate” pilots on how to safely explore in WHs. But I have always enjoyed the challenge of grinding away on my own.
Hate to see you go. Eve could use more like you


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More attention whoring circle jerking, just what this forum needed.

go away. tharvus

as far as actually playing the game, i really only use my main. my alt holds the corp open for when i go do other various activities.

I don’t think i’ve specifically interacted much with you here Qia, but i hate to see ya go.

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:rainbow: :bus: :school:

Fewer goods for the magic school bus. RIP.

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I’m a ‘Know it when I see it’ kind of person. I’d already thought about just dumping everything on you and having you return any personal effects, but I wouldn’t be able to describe them and anything can qualify depending on the circumstances of its origin. I don’t think anything of value to me is worth any significant amount of isk, though, so it won’t affect much if I keep it.

It has been a very long time, but I think the origin of the name ‘Qia’ was in the MMO Final Fantasy XI. I needed a character name, and the shorter the better. I wanted something that was original. Since all of Japan had a head start by the time the game was released in the US, it was not easy. After I created my character, I found out that I coincidentally strongly resembled an NPC who could be found pacing on a bridge in Windurst named ‘Pia’ in both name and appearance. So much for being original.

The last name came later. Qia Kare is the name of a D&D character created for 3rd edition. As a bit of Trivia, my original character portrait had red hair, but when we got the character creation revamp I changed it to black to more resemble my own hair color. The original red matched the character I played. Players can’t normally do this in D&D, but I was allowed to create my own class with abilities that I specified. Qia’s class was called ‘The Blessed’ and contained no offensive or combat abilities at all. All her skills and powers were for buffing other players. She became the defacto leader, which I was unhappy with, because she was the equivalent of 14 or so in Elven age. I guess I should have expected it, though, since I am the only person at the table everyone trusts to be completely fair to everyone else.

I pronounce ‘Qia’ like the car brand, ‘Kia’. As you can probably imagine, some lulz were had at the table at my expense. My current vehicle is a Kia, so the coincidence has been hard to forget. I didn’t know at the time of naming my Eve character that ‘carebear’ was going to be an insult, or I might have chosen an alternate surname, but I pronounce ‘Kare’ just like that.

In Eve, like my D&D character, all I really did was provide support. I was not originally interested in playing this game, but the people I played D&D with were, and they wanted to start a corporation together. Problem was, they didn’t want to waste time training the corporation skills, they all wanted to be of different races which raised the skill requirements (mixed race corporations required a skill to allow a percentage of members to be a different race at the time), and of course they needed someone to be CEO who wouldn’t screw them over. I was the sucker hired for the job. Ironically, I am the last one standing of the original crew. I don’t think they even made it a year in.

I would not save back any money for me. Assuming I did start having second thoughts, that I didn’t have isk would not be a deterrent. I don’t actually mind working my way back up with a Velator, if that’s all I can afford to fly. You being you, though, I know you’ll do what you want no matter what I say.

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Three Sol alts begging for attention in one thread?

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

Curios. Who’s the third?

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I wouldn’t consider myself someone who did things in a typical fashion from the start. There is no one single cause for my departure. 2020 has been a hell of a year. Continuing to pursue an Eve organization of the type I would want to play in is not a thing I have the time or energy for now, or for the foreseeable future.

I don’t hate Eve, and I’m not particularly mad at the developers or anything like that. I’m an introvert with a very limited social budget that is overdrawn by far due to the pandemic and people in my country not taking it as seriously as they should be, or putting their personal freedom before common sense practices. My job puts me into confrontation with these people, which in turn stresses me out a great deal. I have to cut some things out of my life to manage my mental health. I don’t feel like logging in because I am so completely out of gas.

The forums are a bad habit. They require only a browser, which I have, so I’m tempted to read them, and reply to people, which I probably shouldn’t be doing. That I have things left over that are not disbursed contributes to the feeling I’ve left things unfinished and makes taking a step back harder for me.

The point of the alliance was really to create an interdependent organization where players could meaningfully contribute without having to invest in alts or engage in mind numbing afk activities.

The entire concept, though, is quite obviously sub optimal, though, if one were looking to be successful by any typical definition of the word. It is hard to gain traction, though, with such an idea. People don’t want their indy activities interrupted with wardecs, for instance, but I required everyone to be in a wardec vulnerable alliance. Importing isk or items from external alts was prohibited.

If Eve and I both live long enough, and things in my country simmer down, maybe I’ll give it another go. I have not destroyed my character nor given away anything I truly value. Stuff can be replaced. I’ll just get more stuff when I have a use for it again.

And I hate to make people feel bad. The game population seems to remain fairly steady, though so think of it like this: For every person you hate to see go, there’s probably another one you’d be happy to see on their way in.

Excuse me, but have you tried having any fun lately?

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