[new players] Hello brave capsuleers!

My long lasting journey is coming to an end in New Eden. So who of you would like jump start and have my stuff?

details: billion or so worth of assets across high sec. Skilled to ride reasonably well most sub caps + some unused skill points.

Yes please.

(I think I’m the first to ask, right?)


Sure o/

Always happy to have people stuff. I am having a ball of a time in EVE again.

I’m not greedy so you can give your stuff to the others. But I would like to ask why if I may?

Can’t afford spending required play time.

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Give the character and the points to the mouse. Asked first.

As to the assets, I like the idea of a scavenger hunt around hi sec, to find and retrieve. Not getting killed = optional extra.

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Can I have some please?

I’m surprised there isn’t more posts in here asking for his stuff.

Gosh darn it ! I’m late for this one… OH WELL, next one :grinning:

I would like stuff :slight_smile:

Doing good: https://forums.eveonline.com/t/operation-magic-school-bus

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Told you so you’d be better off with the script. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Like EVE bum :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

No-one ever really quits EVE. You will probably back someday, even if it’s years down the road. Keep your stuff you might need it.