New year , New life in New Eden

Greeting fellow Capsuleers,

I am Draxkin Yeva of the Amarr Empire, I was first activated on 01/01/2020. I figured I would come on here and introduce myself and ask a question. I have played Eve off and on for years but never really got into the game because of the large commitment that is required to thrive and be a part of something greater. Despite the sounding of my first few sentences I am by no means an RP player although I am willing to learn the extent of my intentions with the Draxkin Yeva player is to give him a personality of his own and act as I believe he would but I won’t be going over-board I will still talk in chat as a normal person and not one believing New Eden is the only universe that exists.

I did join up through a referring link so I have the 1 Mil SP unallocated as well as some SP given through the login events. I also took advantage of the Omega discount for new players so my clone is Omega.

So far in the last 5 days of playing I have completed the tutorial, finished all the career agent quest lines and am now currently over half way through the Sisters of Eve Epic Arc.

Now for my question…
My goal is to finish the epic arc today and start my adventure in New Eden I was wondering if you all would have any tips on what I should do next? I have given joining a corporation some consideration and I don’t believe at this time that I want to do that, I would like to get self-sufficient on my own before joining a corp and having to move to their HQ and follow their rules. I get the basic concept of all the different things I can do to make ISK but I would like some more suggestions on maybe some chat channels I could join (I’ve been attempting to be very active in various chat channels to connect with the communities without a corp), looking for suggestions on setting up bases of operations that are lucrative and relatively safe (or at least guidelines I should follow when looking for these places), maybe some tips and tricks on certain activities for making isk.

I know there is a lot of tutorials and posts on this subject but many of them are very generic and while the videos are extremely helpful they don’t cover things like choosing systems to operate out of , or how to participate in the community and engage with other pilots so that’s why I figured I’d ask on here.

Any help is greatly appreciated I know the forums can be annoying at times while in game so if you have any words of wisdom feel free to shoot me an ingame mail Draxkin Yeva is the name. I would very much like to make new contacts and meet new people and eventually maybe set up some business ventures with the pilots I meet.

Thank you all Fly safe,

Draxkin Yeva

Take a moment to sit down and ask yourself what you want to get from EVE Online. And make it something worthwhile.

Too many people first join EVE and say, “I just want to make money, but I’m scared of losing, so I’ll just mine” and they end up doing that for a little over a month, realize it’s a waste of their IRL hours, and quit.

EVE is a sandbox and you get out of it what you put in. I’ve known a handful of people who’ve heard that EVE Online lets you scam in-game and set out to become very skilled scammers (they’re also pretty good social engineers irl too, so that helped). Others wanted something more casual and decided to join a big alliance in nullsec so they could live as part of a big group, without too much individual responsibility. Others still wanted to try and stake it out on their own and looked at getting into Wormholes, reaching out to some of the active corporations, and getting support from them.

EVE is really what you make it, so ask yourself what you think is fun, and look for people who are doing the things you are done. It’s a big enough game that there are many corporations, alliances, and solo players who’ve done what you want to do and would be more than happy to help out.


Welcome (back) to Eve. I joined (and quit) several corporations when I first started- each time feeling like the Corp wasn’t right for me. What ended up working for me was buying a t1 frigate (or using a corvette) and flying around different parts of new eden. Find Eve pilots to talk to (forum, discord, in game chat room). By traveling around, and talking to different types of players- that should give you a few options that you’ll find intriguing.

Out of curiosity- do you not know what to do at all? Or are you trying to weigh a few competing options?

Welcome back.

CCP has basically given us two interdependent simulations - economic and military. Most of the stuff players use is made by players, using resources harvested by players and traded on a player driven market - eventually “most” should become “all”. On the flip side, things don’t wear out or go obsolete so there wouldn’t be any demand for the stuff you make without destruction.

You need to decide which simulation interests you the most - are you a builder or do you want to blow stuff up. Both paths have lengthy skill trees and steep learning curves - Eve is not the kind of game you master in a few months - I’ve been playing close to 6 years and stil have lots to learn! That said, there are lots of meaningful activities you can participate in as a new player. Pick a path, set some goals for your first year and choose activities that will help you achieve those goals.

It does help to have friends you can lean on for advice. That’s why new players are encouraged to join a community. There are corporations that focus on developing new players such as Eve University

If you’re having trouble with Dagan at the end of the SOE Epic Arc (and you will have trouble unless your ship can produce more than 100 dps damage) there are usually lots of people willing to help in Arnon local chat!

Good luck!

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Haven’t really decided on what I want to do yet, I had to work all week so I haven’t completed the SoE Epic Arc which I’m about to finish now.

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