Say hello NEW EDEN and get a like

Hello New Eden,

Greetings to all capsulers.
Currently i am doing missions for career agents and it is not yet clear where the path leads.
We will see…


Welcome to EvE. It may be a bumpy ride :smiley:

Get in touch if you get stuck o/


Welcome to Eve!

It’s always good to do the career agents and get a feel for everything to see what you want to focus into, and the nice thing is that you can change it up later on if you want to train into something else. Make sure to check out the pinned topic (or click here) with a lot of great resources as well. :slight_smile:

Enjoy it out there and fly safe! o7


Day 10 in New Eden …

Hello friends,
I have completed the military career and have flown into the vastness of New Eden. I had an altercation with Bloodraiders and my frigate has been destroyed. The bad boys were quite tall.
I came back with a new ship and showed them the way …

I think that in the next few days, I will shred Bloodraiders … need some more ISK


Hello. You could always beg for isk in Jita. I hear people are more generous around the holiday season.

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Glad you are having fun so far, don’t forget to keep asking questions and dont get bored, there are many things to keep you busy.

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If you travel around the place a bit, I probably have some work for ya. Get in touch (EvE Mail) if you’d like to help me and earn some passive income while you do your thing.

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