Greetings o7

Hi, I’m new around here and on Eve, just making my presence known, so far, I’m really enjoying the game,
It’s depth of gameplay mechanics and lore are astounding and I feel like I’m constantly learning. It’s a thrilling experience to say the least. The community has been great and I like the different types of players this game attracts.

All in all, I haven’t played many games recently due to life stuff, but resparking my intrigue, this game already has a very special place in my heart.

Fly safe, hope to see you out there and connect,
Cheers o7


Welcome, sounds like you have the bug, be weary of there though it’s a brutal universe losing a ship you like can hurt, but remember there is always another one you can buy to replace it.

Fly safe out there o7


Welcome to New Eden - it’s a deep, wide beguiling place full of interest and engagement.
Glad you’re enjoying it. Feel free to ask questions and equally feel free to ignore the answers and make your own discoveries!

The one lesson I will share:
As in life: All your choices in Eve have consequences that you can’t go back on.

Fly Safe and enjoy yourself.


Fair winds and following seas, o7.

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